Surprise! Just 5 days from the official launch, DHL has just delivered my shiny new copy of Windows 7. Considering it is ‘just’ a free upgrade from Vista 64 bit that I bought about 2 months ago, the distribution seems to be going very well. But, what other surprise from the installation ?  This is my first quick post made under newly released Windows 7…

Upgrade to Windows 7

Upgrade to Windows 7

The Installation

  • As advise on the quick start, I disable the antivirus that run and then running setup.exe from the CD without any drama. The program asked whether want to do update of the installation program immediately and start the installation.
  • Reboot: It takes 5 reboots before the computer run on Windows 7. Not really impressed with this as it remind me of all other previous windows
  • Time to install: I cannot get this – I think I run one of the fastest PC (at least upper range): I7-920 on 3Ghz with Western Digital Black HDD, but I still need just under 75 minutes before the first boot. That’s 1 hour and 15 minutes !
  • Good stuff: the installation is literally without assist. The first prompt for putting the 25 digit Product Key was about 1 hour after start.  I have to wonder: whether this is one of newest anti-piracy measure by Microsoft. Imagine if you have spent 1 hour only to find that the product key is not good. I can see a grin from Microsoft there…
  • The default login background is  a bit too feminine for me.
  • The upgrade preserve my custom theme and background – a bit nice surprise here
  • The quick launch bar is gone. I have left with the default huge”pin bar” consists of IE, Explorer and Windows Media Player shortcut – so need to start over here creating quick launch like folder/toolbar….
  • The windows sidebar that previously disable in preference of Google sidebar is now activated again. I login with 2 sidebar active overlapping each other
  • The “Aero peek” to see the desktop without minimize everything is coollll!!
  • But cannot really notice any performance improvement…

Let’s give it a few days or week before judging further of the new release…. But so far I will give it 6 out of 10 mark

Norton UAC (User Access Control) Tools

One of must-install program/tools if you are running windows Vista is Norton UAC Tools. It saves you from frustration created by Windows default UAC that ask question and confirmation every minutes…

Now, for windows 7, we should not required its service anymore. Better uninstall the Norton UAC before upgrading. I did not do this, and all program that need privilege access, such as: regedit, etc, gave me a windows pop up that reads:

“Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source”

After uninstall it in Safe mode, all go back to normal. Without uninstall, you will practically stuck.