Grab your swimming suit and head to Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World for a fabulous day outdoor! But as like everything else, a good preparation and tips will make that day even better. Surprisingly, this theme park is not really for everyone! Keep reading you know why….

Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, Gold Coast


Wet n Wild

Own by the same conglomeration that own Movie World, the theme park just located within 1 minutes drive of each other. However the experience will be totally different. As water  park, the park is actually not really for every one, why?

  • For a start, if you don’t like get wet and be thrown around while falling, then this park is not for you. That’s  because ‘wet and be thrown around while falling’ is by default what you get there.
  • Certain level of fitness is required: not only to climb the stair of those 30 meter or so platforms, but also to carry your floating device up there while enduring the chilling wind while queuing. (Especially children)

Having said that though, if you just after “normal” pool for children to play around while the bigger “boys” do serious stuff, this water park is good for you as there are some “normal” pool.

Also, the rides on this park is relatively safe because the main power of the ride is gravity (except probably “SurfRider”). I mean when you get thrown from the platform, you ride the water only under gravity force rather than from some powerful roller coaster. If you have physics background, you will find it’s quite fascinating to determine the maximum force, speed and what can happen during the course of the rides.

Anyway, the full price general admission is $54.99/$34.99 for adult/kids – not as expensive as other theme park, but it’s still expensive. Again try not to pay the full price by combining with other theme park ticket or purchasing VIP pass (unlimited 3 theme park pass: movie world, sea world and wet n wild for $99 up to 30 June 2011).


SurfRider from Wet n Wild

A few Tips

  • Beware that roughly during April – September, although not as prominent as Sydney/Melbourne, the temperature does lower than the other months.
  • Wear a swim shirt/diving shirt. Not only to give you 100+ SPF protection from sun, it also shield your body from wind during queuing in the platform rides.
  • Use the locker provided ($9 whole day, currently) to store your valuable – too many people could mean reduce the safety of your valuable if it’s just hidden under the towel.
  • Pack your lunch as the eateries inside the complex is very limited: in number and choices.
  • Minimize congestion during start and end of day in changing and showering by changing & showering at hotel. I don’t think the number of shower/change room are enough for crowder day.
  • Use the “Splash Cash” rather than go to locker to get your wallet every time. (“Splash Cash” is barcoded water proof wrist band that “filled” with your money – unused money will be refunded when you go)
  • Bring extra towel for your spare. I don’t think towel hire is available.
  • It’s quite big property/area, make sure you set a meeting point/”base camp” , especially if you have big contingent.

If you have a good tips for other to know, feel free to write and share it via comment section below.

Enjoy your visit at Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

p.s: this article is current as of March 2011 – check the latest news from their website