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“There is Nothing Like Australia” Ads – Lyric and More Detail-2010

Creating advertising campaign to sell Australia to the world maybe not so easy as anyone think. Like the latest “There’s Nothing Like Australia” campaign – 2010 version from Tourism Australia. It’s simple, catchy, straight to the point and quite representing what Australia what to offer. But just a few days after the release, you will not believe how sarcastic and abusive some people are. I personally like it and decided to give it a bit of boost.

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Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

Maybe not everyone knows about Michael Bublé. He is Canadian singer and quite popular in Canada, UK and Australia. Handsome, strong, vocal and many great song and music. It will be in a matter of time he will become world famous. I guess, it’s too early in the year to talk about serious thing – so this is a little bit intermezzo: enjoy one of the greatest hit from Michael… It’s about most of us has been, is or will be experiencing… Happy New Year 2010 !

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