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Australia Day 2013: Time for change !

I will mark Australia Day 2013 with this statement “Australia is still by far the luckiest country in the world”. Not to emphasize that it just happen Australia got some ridiculous amount of mineral which happen got their eager buyer who then keep the economy in positive note no, , not this time. Unfortunately, this year I need to emphasize to the sarcastic aspect of a “Lucky Country”. Let’s hear the whining….

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G’Day, Mate! It’s Australia Day

Wake up on Australia Day means a annual trip to local park to celebrate Australia with its barbie (BBQ) and share good times with people from multi race background who live in Australia. Some like to go to local citizen ceremony to welcome Australia newest citizen. But for anything that you do today, for sure you will see Australian flag all over the country. Yes, it still have a union jack on it as Queen of England is officially still head of state, but it’s still Aussie flag. One that people carry to Olympics and World Cup and make them proud as a nation.

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