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Get Started on New Things vs Restarted Old Things

This article is about why it’s easier to get started something new, than restarted something that already lose momentum. However, restarting the old things could be actually better than just start another new one.

I guess everybody already experience this at various stage of life – maybe more often than they want. Consciously, you did not want to lose any momentum of something that you really wanted to do, but it has happened and usually you thought you were strong enough to prevent it from happening, but it is not always true, isn’t it?

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Ipad, Children and Parenting: Why You Must Have One

Thanks to Apple, “Ipad” have replaced the official term “tablet” to be one of the most successful electronics product in human history. The impact is huge. In this article, Denis Kristanda, will show how important it is for children and why every parent shall make it available for their children. And it is probably not as expensive as you think…

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The Toughest Year In Parenting (So far…)

Having 2 children under 6 years old myself, I would like to share this experience that could benefit a would-be parents or current parents that still yet to experience this. At least, if you know it, your mind will anticipate it. Be gracious if it’s not as bad, but also be strong and smart if it is worst than what I went through…

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