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Is Global Warming / Climate Change a Democratic Issue ?

Following debate about climate change / global warming policy in radio, TV and newspaper. There has been direct and indirect debate between the skeptic and the pro. And one of the argument put forward is that if majority of scientist in the world agree on something, then it must have been true. Then I start questioning my self, well, yes a prime minister or president of a country can be determine by the majority of voter, but is Global Warming / Climate Change is one of those that became true if the majority say so ? No, I don’t think so.

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Smiling Investor on Global Warming

I sometimes get asked on what is my opinion about the whole global warming saga and I always answer that I am neutral. In term of the technicality that human race is causing global warming, I would put myself into the sceptic. But on the other hand, in term of the action, I encourage everybody to do whatever we can to do what is necessary to reduce our footprint in the environment.

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