Yes, We Still Care Each Other: Australian Bushfire Tradegy

“The seventh of February 2009 will now be remembered as one of the darkest days in Australia’s peacetime history.” This remark from Julia Gillard – Deputy Prime Minister emphasized how devastated the nation is with this bushfire tragedy. More than 180 people lost their live , hundreds were injured, at least 750 family become homeless and nothing less than 330,000 hectares (3,300 square kilometer) of forest and rural city area were burnt. ( That area is almost 5 times larger than Singapore).

‘Bushfire’ is Australian term for what known as wild fire or forest fire. So, although the name is “Bushfire” (bush ~ scrubs) and imply small fire, it is not. This is massive fire where people fleeing with car still got burnt as the fire is faster than the acceleration of the car. If you browse many news site you will see a lot of those car just charred on the side of the road losing the race… To make it even worse, due to the large area and sudden change of wind, the small rural city affected were almost got no warning and literally only within minutes the damages and fatality were maximum. The most ironic thing is that exactly the same time, the north of the country in North Queensland, heavy flooding have ravaged the area and 62% of the sunshine state has been declared disaster area. But gladfully no fatality has occured.

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