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Fighting Recession and Another $42 billion Free Money for Australian

I love being Australian ! Still in the war against recession, Australian Government will distribute another “stimulus package” that benefit Australian. In other word, the Aussie will received yet another “free money” tax free from government. Last December, $10 million have been distributed to help family with child and the payment is $1000 for each child. Let’s see how much will be received this time…

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Avoiding Recession and the 10 Billion Dollar stimulus…

Have you ever given money from someone just for you to spend whatever you want ? Well, probably yes. Most of us would have that experience courtesy of our parent. But could you imagine if that someone is the government? Have you ever dream about your government give you free money – cold hard cash – no string attach – tax free – deliver to your bank account free of charge ? Well, here is another reason why it’s nice to be an Aussie.

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