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Ipad, Children and Parenting: Why You Must Have One

Thanks to Apple, “Ipad” have replaced the official term “tablet” to be one of the most successful electronics product in human history. The impact is huge. In this article, Denis Kristanda, will show how important it is for children and why every parent shall make it available for their children. And it is probably not as expensive as you think…

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Swimming Lesson For Children : Start with Fun !

Giving your children a swimming skill is one of the most important parenting checklist item that have to be ticked by all means, all parents. It gives your children the skill for life, confidence, happiness and for some , could be the lucrative career and fame. But all of those need to be started as something fun for the children. The children should be the focus, not the parent. Let us see why it better to be like that.

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