All women in Australia should be filled with proud and motivated that Australia has proved to the maximum that women empowerment is second to none. But on the other side of the coin, this remove one of the biggest “excuse” that women has not been given their fair share or being discriminated, etc. Meaning: a woman become a success or not,  the result is only determine by herself – or in other words, if a woman is not selected for something, that’s not because she is a woman, but because the requirement (skill, quality, etc) is not up to the required level….

Female Domination in Australia Top Job

This probably a rare combination for a country anywhere in the world (if not the only one) – at this moment of this writing – July 2010 – that all top job in state and federal politics is being held by 5 powerful women below:

[Australia Female Leader]

Australia Female Leaders

  1. Governor General of Australia, Quentin Bryce  (Governor General is symbolic representation of the Queen of England  as the head of the country – Australia is Commonwealth country)
  2. Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard
  3. NSW Governor, Marie Bashir (New South Wales is the biggest state in Australia in term of population and economics measure)
  4. NSW Premier, Kristina Kenneally
  5. Deputy NSW Premier, Carmel Tebbutt.

And even more unique both Julia Gillard and Kristina Kenneally got their top job by toppling male Labor colleague. Julia toppled  Kevin Rudd while Kristina beat Nathan Rees.

Very unique indeed….