Theme park is a multi-million dollar business. Warner Bros’ Movie World at Gold Coast, Queensland is on of those theme park that attract millions and millions visitors domestic and overseas yearly, but how you make the most of your visit of this theme park visit?

The Warner Bros’ Movie World Theme Park

[Movie World, Gold Coast]

WB's Movie World, Gold Coast

As the name implied the theme of the park is movie. Not all movie, Warner Brother’s one – so plenty of Looney Tunes character: Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Scooby-Doo, Tweety, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc – you will not see Dora the Explorer or Sponge Bob which belong to the others…
No swim suit required, just a lot of sunscreen, sun-glass, compact camera and sport shoes. Leave those sandals at hotel.




As kids under 3 years old is free, there is not much for them. But Movie World is one of the theme park that still quite friendly for younger/smaller kids. They still have what called “WB Kids’ Zone” that is suitable for kids under 110cm height. But you will get the most of the park if you have kids 7 years old or older.

Located a little bit outside the CBD, the 30 min trip from Surfer’s Paradise perhaps one of the most anxious trips your kid ever have. There are plenty of parking. If you find yourself cannot find a parking space then just head home without hesitate – it’s gonna be too crowded.

Price: Make The Most of Your Dollar Bang!

The full price ticket of Movie world currently on Mar 2011are: Adult $74.99 and Child $49.99 (3 – 15 years). Those number are ridiculously expensive. The good news is you can combine the ticket with other theme park or buy a annual pass instead to make it more reasonable. For example, “VIP Pass” currently offers 3 theme park pass valid up to 30 June 2011 that “only” cost you $99 where you can make unlimited entry to all three park until it expires. Even if you just use it once on each park, it’s far less expensive. I guess this is just a marketing plot.

Anyway, the park opens 10am and close at 5 pm – so 7 hours. With meal break/toilet break your effective hour will be about 6 hours.

There are 8 rides and 3 shows at this time of writing. The actual rides may change over time, but the number will be around that (unless they expand, of course). With end of day parade that you probably don’t want to miss, you probably want to check out all of those attractions perhaps with some repeat of one that you like.

Therefore with 6 hours (=360 minutes) divided by 11 then average time spent per ride/show will be 32 minutes. With the ride itself at least 10-15 minutes, then the queue should not exceed 17-22 minutes.

Now, that’s the problem. I just got there on a week day, 3 weeks before school holiday, and visually there is no queue. But I still spend average of 10 minutes per ride to wait to our turn. Hence,  any visible queue will easily double or triple or multiply your queue time.

So, I can safely conclude, on the week end, school holiday or public holiday, it will be almost impossible to get to see everything.

Also, check their website to see if there is special event and maintenance schedule that could ruin your day.

A few tips

  • Never ever pay the full price – try combine or pass ticket to make it cheaper. Even a trip to a ticket agent downtown will give you better price
  • If possible, plan the visit on weekday. And further, not in a school holiday or other public holiday
  • If it’s raining, reschedule your visit – not worth it. (Yes, there are some outdoor ride/show but it will slash the fun by much)  – or at least bring spare shirt and towel (forget umbrella and rain coat)
  • They ban commercially pack food and esky, so probably do not plan a picnic, just enjoy the venue fully
  • Come as early as possible – be there when the gate is opened
  • Download the map from website and make a plan which ride to hit first the night before (as well as to make it more familiar with the venue and build up excitement)
  • Don’t buy those souvenirs or plush toys during the day. At the end of the day, you may get “lucky” to find “end of day” sale that let you to buy those $20, $30 item with only $10.
  • The height restriction is very strict. Every ride there will be staff with height gauge. So, if your kids is around 110-120cm boundary, wear a thick sole-but-comfy shoe  or even do your hair up straight!  to make it more solid in passing the minimum height (Nothing will happen because you are shorter by 5 cm!! – nothing)

Do you have any hot tips? Let’s share it by putting your comment below…

Enjoy your visit to Warner Brother’s Movie World, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia !!

p.s: this article is current as of March 2011 – check the latest news from their website