After all the drama, blood, sweat and tears, finally, it starts. The Russian – FIFA World Cup 2018! Let’s start with Group A highlight, tipping and short analysis.

Without claiming myself to be a football expert, I will put my tipping, opinion and analysis on several posts throughout the World Cup. Well, just to participate in the fever and commentary. Also, probably to embarrass my self about how awful is my prediction.

But it is probably more like just my “dairy” of this great event that happening now.

OK, Without further due let’s get started with the first round of the group elimination for group A. The Group A Highlight.

Group A Highlight

Russia Russia 2 5


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0

Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Practically against the weakest team of Group A, the host Russia will push for a win. And they will. Not only more superior in the technical side, the home crowd factor will play the big factor. Knowing this, the Saudis will fight against too much embarrassment for the opening match.  2-0 for Russia.

Post-match commentary:

Wow, what an opening match. The never-give-up Saudis were really outclassed by the host Russia. Playing positive-attack-football, it was an entertainment just to watch the game. So, as predicted, Russia has won. But with 5 goals! I guess nobody expected that…

  • The magician was the coach, Stanislav Cherchesov: he made 2 substitutions of which the boys he put in scored goals within minutes. Denis Cheryshev replaces Alan Dzagoev and made the 2nd goal almost immediately, and then another goal later. At 70th minutes, the coach replaced striker Fedor Smolov with Artem Dzyuba. And Dzyuba headed a beautiful goal within a minute
  • Goals: Yury Gazinsky 12′;  Denis Cheryshev 43,’, 90’+1; Artem Dzyuba 71′; Aleksandr Golovin 90’+4;
  • Important to mention that Aleksandr Golovin should be the Man of the match, with a goal and 2 assists, he is the important man for the team. Well done!
  • Achilles, the soothsayer cat, was correct that Russia won: 100% record so far.
  • Goal highlights: 7 minutes of video.


Egypt Egypt 0


Uruguay Uruguay 3 1

Egypt vs Uruguay

Uruguay is by far a contender to top Group A. Seeing Russia win the first match, playing the next day, Uruguay will want to make sure they win more than Russia. If Salah plays and in form, there is a possibility that Uruguay lost a goal. Interesting to see. If Uruguay plays well in the group matches, they could go very far. Uruguay wins 3-0. Update: Russia did win big, 5-0.. pressure is on for Uruguay to outdone Russia.

Post match commentary:

  • The 2-times-world-champions really dominates the match, but fail to produce more goal. Uruguay deserve the win with their hard fought effort. But it was not Suarez or Cavani who scored, it was Jose Gimenez.
  • Egypt defended quite well, even their superstart Mo Salah was not playing. Special kudos to the goal keeper Mohamed Elshenawy who shows extraordinary performance. A more lucrative contract will await you, mate if you continue to play like that! He was indeed awarded the man of the match.


Get ready with those late night sleep… Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018!

See you again in the next Group A highlight.

Get ready with more of those late night sleep… Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2018!

See you again in the next Group A highlight.

Saudi Arabia10010-50
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This is the summary of my tipping result at the end of both game above. (May involved result from other matches not discussed here)