Group H#WDLGoalsTotal

Standing after the 2nd match in Group H

Poland is out of contention. The representative from Group H in the knock out stage would be fought among Columbia, Senegal and Japan.

Both Senegal and Japan just need to score a draw in the last match, while Columbia has to win

The most interesting scenario is if Japan lose:

  • If Japan loses and Columbia draws, Senegal is through. But also Japan as their direct match won byJapan.
  • If Japan loses and Columbia wins, Columbia is through.  And whoever loses the least between Japan and Senegal will go to Top 16.
  • If Japan loses and Columbia loses, Senegal and Japan are through.

Japan Japan 0


Poland Poland 0

Japan vs Poland

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • Japan’s momentum is increasing, while Poland morale is in the bottom.
  • The only motivation for Poland against Japan is to save face not to be branded “win-less country” in world cup 2018 – i.e Saudi Arabia level.
  • But Japan has everything to prove as Asia’s best representative – repeating 2002 and 2010 achievement – or- even more. (That if they managed to deal with either Belgium or England in the top-16.)
    And they just need a draw to go to the next stage.
  • Therefore, both red-and-white countries would play in slower tempo – safety play for Japan: save energy and prevent injury. While Poland just already losing steam.
  • Hence, I call this a draw. Scoreless match. 0-0

Post-match commentary:


Senegal Senegal 0


Columbia Columbia 1

Senegal  vs Columbia

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • On the contrary to Japan vs Poland that has little importance, Senegal and Columbia will battle it out until the last drop of blood as whoever wins will go to the next stage.
  • Columbia is the underdog here, so Senegal has a bit more pressure. But the good thing is Senegal just need a draw to qualify.
  • Senegal will try to make an early lead and then defensive. But Columbia will play all-out. It will be very very interesting game to see.
  • And with their maturity and experience, Columbia will manage to pull a win. Perhaps 1-0 win.

Post-match commentary:


Group H Final Standing

As I call it.