The world cup mode has been set up for all football fan across the globe. New revelations have appeared, upsets were drawn, heartbreaking stories emerge and the story continues.

Group G is the group of Belgium, the dark horse in the cup race for the title. Let’s dig further for this Group G highlight for the 1st group match.

Group G Highlight

Belgium Belgium 6 3


Panama Panama 0

Belgium vs Panama

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • Unlike all other contestants, Panama has won their World Cup journey. Qualifying for the first time in history ever, Panama makes it to the World Cup Final.
  • “We’ll go to the World Cup to learn and compete. It’s an experience to enjoy,” said Hernán Gómez the longtime coach from Colombian who has led his team to the final 4 times.

  • Their players have already been a hero at home. With the population of 4 million, Panama is coming to the cup to learn and experience from the latest and grates. Not to mention the FIFA participation money of USD $8 millions per team that will indeed put a dent in the development of football at home.
  • Similar to Panama, Belgium also wants to make a history. Reach Quarter Finals in 2014 and Semi-Finals in 1986, Belgium has a shot to surprise everybody and perhaps make it to the top reign. It’s time for their ‘Golden Generation’ player to harvest their valuable experience. Players like Kevind De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku – have now reached a level of maturity that should see them mount a serious challenge
  • Their qualification journey is very impressive, just 1 draw, no lost, the rest: win, win, win. Romelu Lukaku was the top scorer of 11 goals from all the 43 goals they made on the way in. Impressive.
  • Forward momentum is big for Belgium. They are the dark horse of World Cup 2018.

No doubt, it will be an easy win to Belgium. Let see if they top Russia from their 5 goals and give Panama a good hard lesson how it likes competing on the world stage. Belgium wins 6-0.

Post-match commentary:

  • It took the first half for Belgium to “warm-up”. When they did, goal after goal just kept coming.  Three goals in the 2nd half but scoreless in the first. Belgium fiddles with the ball too much in their mid-filed, not sure way.. Almost boring to watch when they did that.
  • The star Romelu Lukaku (2 goals) and Dries Mertens proves their blue blood status with beautiful all the goals
  • A masterclass from Belgium to Panama. Panama did play well, just overwhelmed by Belgium (61% ball possession). Torres almost shock Belgium at 22′. So did Maurizio at 55′.
  • But boy, oh boy.. 8 yellow cards were given: 5 for Panama and 3 for Belgium.

The highlight of the game:



Tunisia Tunisia 0 1


England England 4 2

Tunisia vs England

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • The Eagles of Carthage is the winner of African group A with an impressive run.
  • But the team got lots of injuries. The most major one was losing star Youssef Msakni due to his tearing ligament.

    Ghaylene Chaalali, Mohamed Amine Ben Amor and Ali Maaloul have also dealt with quite serious injuries

  • So the one in the world cup is younger, less experienced player but with very strong spirit.
  • Qualified 4 times in world cup but the only win was of 1978’s match.
  • With also have relatively a young team, England have a bigger burden: Being “royalty” in football world but only with 1 title from 1966 – that’s a long way ago. The pressure is on to make 2018 a year they return to the throne.
  • With only 3 goals conceded for the qualification to top European group F, the team is indeed a strong team with superstar Harry Kaye (Tottenham Hotspur) as the main goal engine.

With an inexperienced team, Tunisia would be overwhelmed by England superior experience and technique. With Belgium on paper is stronger than England,  The Three Lions will make sure they win this match and win it big. No upset, England will beat Tunisia hands down 4 – 0

Post-match commentary:

  • England did not disappoint. The Three Lions just set their standard to a bright World Cup 2018. Dominating the match with 59% ball possession, England should make at least 2 more goals. It justs did not happen, but the attack on 2′ or 43′ will become goals on another day.
  • Harry Kane is in form! Watch out, people! The superstar score both England goal in an elegant way. A good swipe kick for the first and a perfect unstoppable header for the second.
  • Tunisia actually plays quite well, they just overpowered by England. The penalty kick on 35′ that equalize the goal that time was a valid penalty – not a VAR incident. But it is interesting to know that there have been 8 penalty kicks with only 14 matches so far. That’s more than 1 penalty in every other game.

The highlight of the game:



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Group G after 1st match

Here is the final group standing after each team had their first match.

Enjoy the matches of Group G! Ciao!