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The Group F Standing After 2nd Match.

With Korea gone home, the other3 teams will need to battle it out.

Mexico needs just a draw to qualify. But just in case they lost, they can still qualify if Germany got beaten by Korea – a hard expectation.

For the other 2 teams, a win is a must. And additionally, for Germany, they still can get away with a draw, as long as Sweden did not win (lose or draw only).

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Mexico Mexico 1 0


Sweden Sweden 0 3

Mexico vs Sweden

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • With Mexico just need a draw while Sweden must win, the pressure is on for Sweden to take initiative..
  • Sweden defence has been proven to have withstood countless German attack quite successfully although they were losing 1-2, So with a bit of improvement in this area, Mexico probably will get some difficulties in launching a successful attack.
  • Sweden counterattack is quite fast and accurate, this is a threatening factor for Mexico. Especially posture wise, Sweden has more height average (taller) . That means if they sprint, it is going to be fast.
  • But getting 2 out of 2 win is not a flux, so the attacking team from Mexico could well be ready to puncture Sweden’s defence line.
  • I am calling this 1-0 win for Sweden

Post-match commentary:

  • Sweden start with a bang! Only 12 seconds needed for a Mexico to get a yellow card. Jesus Gallardo needed to tackle hard as a fast attack from right-hand side getting too risky. And the bombardment of Mexico began.
  • 5 minutes after the break, Berg made a crossing to Viktor Claesson right in front of the goalie. Unfortunately =or= perhaps, fortunately,  he flopped it. The lob ball landed on Ludwig Augustinsson’s control who flawlessly converted it into a leading goal.
  • 8 minutes later, Sweden is back with their fast attack who driven by Berg that force Moreno to down him hard inside the penalty box. No VAR, it is a pure well-deserved penalty kick. The captain Andreas Granqvist made Sweden lead 2-0. Sealing the Mexico hope for Korea to beat Germany hard. (It was concurrent matches, at that time German vs Korea was 0-0)
  • 12 minutes later, Viktor Claesson made a long free throw to the middle of the penalty box.  Finally landed in Emil Forsberg foot who just try to make a volley kick straight into the net but missed it. But lucky him, the ball got deflected by Alvarez that make the own goal un-saveable and seal Mexico fate to 0-3 loss with just 16 minutes to play.
  • When the referee blow the whistle at 90′ plus stoppage time, all Mexican player just sit down being very sad for that definitive lost. While Sweden cheerfully celebrating their victory. Then something really big happened.
  • The stadium suddenly broken into a big roar, both Sweden supporter and Mexican supporter were screaming, dancing and over with joy. All the green jersey player on the pitch was stunned because they hardly have any clue what was happening. That time is the exact time when Korea puncture German defence and made a goal. The goal was subjected to VAR review and the referee decided, the goal stayed. Meaning Korea lead 1-0 over German. With a bit disbelief, all the Mexican player start to stand and get another roar, the biggest one since the earthquake… Because Korea score again. 2-0. And Germany out of the world cup, Meaning both Sweden and Mexico were the ones though as the winner and runner-up of group F.
  • It was a stadium full of more than 33,061 happy people as both side dancing and celebrating. Incredible scenery.

South Korea Korea 0 2


Germany Germany 4 0

Korea vs Germany

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • Germany basically has to recover (win) or get to go home. A draw is not enough, have to win, preferably more than 2 goals.
  • Korea doesn’t really have any motivation except defend their pride. And please do not tell the team that they are against the defending champion, the superpower of football. Tell them that the team they are against with is beatable.
    So, with no concern of injury, exhaustion, humiliation, etc, Korea will just go for it.
  • Technically Germany should overpower Korea in every aspect of the game. But strong motivation sometimes overrides skill. What does have more satisfaction than to beat the world champ before go home?
  • However, I would think Germany will still beat Korea by 2-0

Post-match commentary:

  • The biggest upset in the history of Germany and football perhaps. It is the first time Germany did not pass the group stage as the Taeguk Warrior force the defending champion to surrender 0-2. Yes, Korea 2, Germany 0.
  • Maybe that’s what happens when you are the defending champion that plays the weakest member of the group who doesn’t even have a chance to qualify. The Korean fight like there is no tomorrow. And they did not get any reward for their effort. Just pride and badgering right for the rest of the eternity.
  • Holding the ball possession for 70% all the time, almost triple the attacking attempt(26 vs 11), triple the passing statistic (719 vs 237) and even with higher passing accuracy (88% vs 74%), Germany simply cannot break Korea’s defence.
  • They fight and defence so hard and earn no less than 4 yellow cards.
  • But no statistics or skill in the world can conquer determination. Even with their smallest chance after full 90 minutes fighting like there is tomorrow
  • On 90’+3, Son Heung Min, the captain made a corner kick, the ball was bouncing around in front of the goal post and  Kim Young Gwon shattered it to the net. A goal 1-0 for Korea. Wait, the line referee raised the flag, the VAR review was then conducted. And after deliberation, the goal stood. Meaning Korea leading 1-0 to German with 4 minutes to go.
  • And the drama is not yet finished. Being desperate, all the German player is going for the attack including a goalkeeper. And you know what, just like the snippet of the funniest home studio movie, the Korean punish the German, the moment they got the ball they just lob it to the goal post of German with no goalkeeper anywhere near it. This time Son Heung min took the credit. 2-0 for German and the end of their world cup journey.
  • And of course, the busiest man of the match is the man of the match: Goalkeeper Jo Hyeon Woo
  • And Korea has a new best friend: Mexico.
  • Amazing Drama! What a world cup…

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The Group F Standing

Ther you have it. The most intriguing Group in the World Cup 2018

Germany did not go through. Sweden tops the ladder and Mexico gets the ticket.

And the brave Korean warrior goes home with head held high. The team who beat the champion they are.

Group F#WDLGoalsPts