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South Korea10010-10

Welcome Back to Group F Highlight

Here is the last standing since the first matches of the group. Yes, not looking good for the German. But they will recover. And when they do, how is the rest of the group fares?

Let’s dig in.

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South Korea Korea 0 1


Mexico Mexico 2

Korea vs Mexico

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • As long as Mexico doesn’t go over the moon with their victory over Germany, nothing can stop them at the moment. They have the highest confidence in this group and should be without too much difficulty to sent the Korean home and book themselves a ticket as the fifth country that qualified following Russia, Uruguay, France and Croatia at the moment.
  • Korea, on the other hand, will need to defend like there is no tomorrow because the last match they will meet the defending champion and only against Mexico they probably can probably force a draw. The tight defence by Korean team plus the superb performance of the goalie, Hyeon-woo Jo has prevented Sweden to make more goal that they deserve.
  • Unfortunately, Korean will also have difficulty to score a goal. The winless track record was showing us that.
  • So I call that Mexico should win this match, but perhaps will not be that big. 2-0 for Mexico.

Post-match commentary:

  • Korea starts with some good chances and very tight defensive measure,
  • But at 26′ a handball from Jang Hyun Soo gave Mexico a penalty that put them in front as  Vela Carlos executed it flawlessly.
  • Mexico dominated the ball possession (59%) but the Korean defence work quite well.
  • Mexico put another goal with such a good teamwork when Hirving Lozano made a run from behind and rather than try to conquer the 2 defenders on the way, he passed the ball to the left accurately to Javier Hernandez who finish the job confidently. 2-0.
  • Korea’s consolation goal comes from Son Heung Min did a massive left kick to send the ball to the net at 90’+3. 1-2.

Germany Germany 3 2


Sweden Sweden 0 1

Germany vs Sweden

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • As Germany, either you make a full recovery or crumbling down. In this case, I would say Germany still have the psyche and skill to pull themselves up, win the rest of the match and go to see Brazil in the Top 16
  • If it that the case, poor Sweden will feel the wrath of the defending champion.
  • Yes, against toothless Korea, Sweden did not concede a goal. But the tank from German will bombard Sweden defence to its knee.
  • I am calling this a definitive victory for German. 3-0 (or more) -or- if German did not pull themselves up, Sweden will have a small but very important victory, perhaps 1-0. But I believe German will not be losing against Sweden.

Post-match commentary:

  • A wobbly performance by German: just cannot produce more goals – so many chances – so little goal. Trailing 0-1 at halftime, only get an equalizer straight after 2nd half started. But was held 1-1 after 90 minutes. Fortunately for them, the injury time goal put them back into contention.
  • At 32′, Sweden did a fast counter-attack where Viktor Claesson expertly and accurately send the ball from right week right into Ola Toionen who then conquered 2 defenders and the goalkeeper to score the first one.
  • Germany then getting serious. Taking over ball possession (71%) they equalized just 3 minutes after the break. Timo Werner makes a cross from the left and finished beautifully by Marco Reus into the net.
  • But attack after attack just went by without a goal. 90 minutes up, and it was still 1-1.
  • At 90’+5, the stoppage time now it is called, a text-book freekick awarded them with the winning goal.

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The Group F Standing After 2nd Match.

Unfortunately for Mexico, winning 2 games is not a guarantee to qualify as all 3 teams are now in contention. And unfortunately for Korea, they need to start packing their bag home.

Mexico just need a draw to qualify, German and Sweden have to win!

Group F#WDLGoalsPts
Korea Republic20021-30