Welcome to German’s group: The Group F Highlight.

Group F Highlight

Germany Germany 3 0


Mexico Mexico 0 1

Germany vs Mexico

Pre-match commentary and tipping

Germany will be too strong for Mexico. 3-0 for Germany.

Post-match commentary:

  • The biggest upset in world cup history since Edison invented the light bulb!! Mexico manage to beat Germany 1-0
  • When Hirving Lozano(22) of PSV Eindhoven sent the ball to shatter Germany’s net, not only he send a big wave of a message that says “in football, anything can happen when you want it bad enough”, he literally created an earthquake

  • After that winning goal, Mexico was enduring the hell! Endless waves of attack from the mighty German. Struggle a bit here and there, but Mexico courageously defended themselves. Even make at least 2 fast counterattacks that could further embarrass the defending world champion. Lucky for German, they did not convert to a goal.
  • The result of this game change the whole dynamic of group F:
    German will likely to recover and win (big) the rest of the group matches. Mexico just needs one win (or 2 draws) to guarantee their spot. Sweden and South Korean will need to battle it out, or play “safe” and draw their game to send Germany to the bottom of the group standing.


Sweden Sweden 0 1


South Korea South Korea 0

Sweden vs South Korea

Pre-match commentary

Sweden will beat South Korea 1-0. That was my tipping before German defeat.

Now, scenario 1, Sweden and Korea can do a do-or-death match and send the loser home just after this match. (Because assuming German and/or Mexico will defeat both of them at least once, the loser will have 2 loses and will NOT through the group stage) Also, whoever wins still have to produce at least a draw to Mexico and/or Germany.

Or, scenario 2, if they draw the match, German is at the bottom of the ladder and they literally do each other “match by proxy” – whoever endure German and Mexico the most can still go through. In this scenario, whoever wins still have to produce at least a draw to Mexico and/or Germany – the same as scenario 1.

Therefore, if Sweden and South Korea will still need to fight for at least a draw to make the door open, why exhaust and injured themselves in the first match. Yes, match-fixing is highly illegal, but both of them will be smart enough to know that scenario 2 is way better for both of them.

So, I am tipping South Korea and Sweden shares 1 winning point. 0 – 0

Post-match commentary:

  • Dominating the possession, Sweden just a bit too good for Korea. Attack after attack was thrown to the Asian nation’s goal post. Only thanks to the superb performance of the goalkeeper Jo Hyeon-woo that Sweden was denied any goal.
  • However, the VAR is back to action on this match. AT 65, a VAR review handed a penalty kick to Sweden. The captain Andreas Granqvist executed it flawlessly and that’s the only goal of the match.
  • Korea, since becoming the semi-finalist in 2002, hasn’t really shown their quality football and their streak of non-winning matches is extended. It is not surprising if Korea is the one first to pack home from this group F despite the upset for the German.


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Thanks to German’s upset and Brazil tactical move, my tipping is not having a good performance o_O.

Group F After 1st Match

Mexico tops the ladder while the defending champion is at the bottom. Interesting interim result. Can’t wait to see the continuation of this story.

This has been a fun Group F highlight! Thanks for reading.

Group F#WDLGoalsTotal
South Korea10010-10