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Costa Rica10010-10

Group E Highlight

Welcome back to Group E Highlight.

Do you see something wrong with this temporary standing of Group E after the first matches? Yes, you are right: Brazil is not at the top. But that will change very soon, I promise. See the bottom table to check the standing after the scenario below plays out.

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Brazil Brazil 3 2


Costa Rica Costa Rica 0

Brazil vs Costa Rica

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • Technically, mentally, physically, Brazil is better than Costa Rica. Well, I am talking about football here, okay… But there is NO WAY at this stage that Costa Rica will be able to beat Brazil. Brazil also has to win anyway…
  • Brazil has a longer-term view in mind. Lurking at the knock-out stage is Germany. The winner of group E will do knock-out match with the runner-up of group F. And you can guess who is likely to be the runner-up in group F: of course, the German. If there is one country on Earth that can choose opponent in the knockout stage, it would be Brazil.
    Meeting German so early in the knock out stage is really risky, German can beat them, 7-1 the last time they met, so any other opponent will do.
  • Brazil plan is to win Costa Rica game and then can decide at the last game whether to beat Serbia outright or controlled a draw to make themselves a runner-up in Group E. It is a brilliant tactical move.
  • I am calling this 3-0 for Brazil.

Post-match commentary:

  • Officially Brazil did win against Costa Rica by 2-0. But the champion-favourite managed to be neutralized by Costa Rica for scoreless goal 0-0 for the full 90 minutes. Holding on to Brazil’s must win? That’s an achievement, Costa Rica!
  • Costa Rica must be quite overwhelming entering 1 minute of injury time and still 0-0. Losing a concentration in such crucial time made it possible for Philippe Coutinho and Neymar to score 2 goals 6 minutes apart.
  • So many goal should be scored with Brazil attack.
  • It is a matter of time as Brazil massively dominate the matches with 66% ball possessions. But just cannot converting to a goal. Costa Rica defended with all they got. Just a sad thing they lost goals at the end.


Serbia Serbia 1


Switzerland Switzerland 0 2

Serbia vs Switzerland

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • On the contrary to the Brazil match above, calling this match is quite difficult.
  • Switzerland did do superb defence to neutralize Brazil attacking power and they did indeed put a hole into the superpower defence and scored a goal to equalize. Doing that in the second half after Brazil dominance in the first was quite extraordinary. However, Brazil did indeed had some strategical move (see above) and was not too determined to beat Switzerland.
  • Serbia, on the other hand, was really neck to neck in every aspect of match statistic against Costa Rica. Lucky enough to get 1 goal for a win.  And Serbia is also, if possible, doesn’t want to be the one meet Germany. But Serbia is not as powerful as Brazil, because in the last group game Serbia will meet Brazil and Serbia can be beaten. So, Serbia will push for a win.
  • If Switzerland is the one who wins this match, Serbia will likely to go home as the chance is Switzerland can and beat Costa Rica (Total 7 pts). Unless of course if they can beat Brazil who will just need a draw against Serbia.
  • Serbia then wins 1-0 against Switzerland.

Post-match commentary:

  • Serbia managed to make an early goal at 5′. Dusan Tadic sent a beautiful crossing to Aleksandar Mitrovic who finish with a flawless header. 1-0 for Serbia.
  • But that’s it. The Swiss took over the game. With 58% ball possession, they manage to goal the equalizer at 52′. Granit Xhaka kicks a very powerful kick straight to the net after a wild bounce from a struggle.
  • Then Shaqiri closes the game with another goal at the final minute 90′. After the off-side position did not get a flag.
  • But the Swiss should really have more goal with all the opportunity that they have.


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The Standing After The Last Match of Group E

Costa Rica is out of contention, but there is a three-way opportunity to grab 2 tickets to the Top 16.

If Serbia wants a draw, then Costa Rica need to beat Switzerland. Which is unlikely. So, they need to win the Brazil match. Switzerland just needs a draw. And so does Brazil: a draw is enough to progress.

Until the next matches!

Group C#WDLGoalsPts
Costa Rica20020-30