Group E Highlight: the home of Brazil.  Half of the group has done their 1st match, Group E,F,G and H are next. But first this one:

Group E Highlight

Serbia Serbia 2 1


Costa Rica Costa Rica 1 0

Serbia vs Costa Rica

  • Serbia was a quite a player in the past as either Yugoslavia, Serbia Montenegro or as their own name now. 1930 and 1962 were the year where they got into the semi-finals. But that’s the problem, it was in the past.
  • Riddle with internal conflict within the management of Serbian football, Serbia saw their coach Slavoljub Muslin sacked over team selection.
Costa Rica
  • Only appearing 5 times so far in a world cup, Costa Rica stunt the world when they rich quarterfinals in 2014.
  • Under pressure to perform similar result.

It will be a tight match. But Serbia will have some edge and win 2-1.

Post-match commentary:

  • As predicted, the match was tight. With 50-50 ball possession, the tempo was not that fast. Serbia was a bit on the edge at the match, but only at 2nd half Aleksander Kolarov, the captain, produce a good free kick that converted to a goal.
  • Costa Rica’s defence was solid. Otherwise few more goals were very possible.
Video highlight


Brazil Brazil 3 1


Switzerland Switzerland 1 1

Brazil vs Switzerland

Brazil will win. The question is by how many goal. Let us see how defensive Switzerland is. Brazil 3 – Switzerland 0.

Post-match commentary:

  • Brazil was indeed slightly dominating the ball possession 52-48 throughout the match. A lot of beautiful short passes ala Brazil, but only 1 goal from Phillipe Coutinho at 20′ was produced.
  • Switzerland committed to fighting Brazil, the tournament favourites, with all they have. And a header from Zuber did the equalizer on 50′.
  • But Brazil just maintains tempo and did not seems to be too determined to win. Why? Because of German
  • In my theory, Brasil expects German to make a recovery. If they will most likely German become only 2nd in group F. If Brazil topped group E, a clash at Top 16 with German is on. Too early for them. With maintaining a draw, Brazil has some strategic option to be used later whether they want to top group E or not.


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Group E 1st Match

Will Brazil throw Serbia to Germany? Let us see the plot reveal in the next few weeks …

Costa Rica10010-10