Group D highlight is of course Argentina. This big name in football is due for some football goodness. Can they make one this time? We will see….

However, it will be a tight little game to become the runner up of the group as Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria are fun to watch ! Let’s start the Group D highlight of the first match of the group.

Group D Highlight

Argentina Argentina 3 1


Iceland Iceland 0 1

Argentina vs Iceland

With Russia, Spain and Portugal have shown that they can make goal, Argentina wants to be the big boys club. Iceland will just to acknoledge the giant nearby. Argentina 3, Iceland 0

Post-match commentary:

  • Strangely, Iceland taught Argentina a lesson in football, not the other way around. The first time world cup participant draw the behemoth -2-times-winner Argentina in open and positive football.
  • Yes, Kun Aguero scored the first goal at 19′ and seems like Argentina will just win easily. But 4 minutes later, Alfred Finnbogason scored an equalizer from a chaos in front of Argentina goal.
  • To top it, Lionel Messi was given a penalty kick at 62′. And obviously, someone forget to tell the Iceland goalie, Hannes Halldorsson, that the guy in number 10 jersey holds the records for most official goals scored in La Liga (383), a La Liga season (50), a club football season in Europe (73), a calendar year (91), El Clásico (26), as well as those for most assists in La Liga (149) and the Copa América (11), that he has scored over 600 senior career goals for club and country.
    No, Halldorsson just palmed Messi penalty kick with obvious ease! Well done, Hannes! You are world famous now! The guy who denies Messi!

The highlight of the match:


Croatia Croatia 2


Nigeria Nigeria 1 0

Croatia & Nigeria

It is going to be a tight race. If both teams play positive-attacking game, we can see many good goal from this game. I am calling this though still a win for Croatia: 2 – 1

Post-match commentary:

  • As expected, Nigeria cannot really do much with Croatia dominance
  • Countless goal opportunity for Croatia that could yield more goal on a different day.

The highlight of the match:


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The standing after 1st match