Doing Group C Highlight is the most important one. Because Australia is in group C.

Here in Australia, most people don’t really follow football. Or “soccer” to be exact, as Aussie refer “football” to the game of rugby that actually hardly involving foot to the ball. (The ball mostly held by hand).

Having said that, most Australia knows “Socceroos”, the nickname of the football national team and still go to the pub to watch Socceroos game regardless (good additional excuse to go to the pub!)

OK, let’s start the Group C Highlight for the first round of the group matches..

Group C Highlight

France France 1 2


AustraliaAustralia 2 1

France vs Australia

The former world champion France probably. is not too much worry about not winning their first match in the world cup against Australia. But Tim Cahill and team is having a good performance just before the world cup and with this world cup become Tim’s last one, he surely wants to make it the best one.

Just remember that the Aussie is very physical. There will be a lot of cards flying toward them. And with even more younger players, I will say the Aussie will deliver the first upset of World Cup 2018. Australia 2 – France 1.

Post-match commentary:

  • Heartbreaking! The Aussie played exceptionally well against the former world champion. With such performance, the 2nd spot out of the group is now a greater possibility. Socceroos did make a life very hard for Les Bleus.
  • Australia become the first victim of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) with France awarded a penalty kick after a VAR review. The referee Andres Cunha decided there was no foul when Griezmann got a challenge from Joshua Risdon. But the VAR intervene and Cunha reserved his own decision. 1-0 for France.
  • But even God of Football was not happy with that. Eye for an eye, right? And Australia leveled back the game just 2 minutes letter with a hands ball by Samual Umtiti inside penalty area. Jedinak executed it flawlessly. 1-1.
  • And another VAR decision need to be involved for the decider goal. The lob ball deflecting from Aziz Behic (Aus) from Paul Pogba kick went just inside the line. 2-1 for France. Own goal.


Peru Peru 0


Iceland Denmark 1

Peru vs Denmark

Christian Eriksen will be national here if Denmark can go pass top 16. However, the first hurdle is to qualified from group stage. And that means, is a must win vs Peru. (France is the hardest to win, and Australia is at level playing field).

But Peru has very unique motivation. After 36 years, this is the first time they are back in the world cup final. So, they will play like there is no tomorrow on this first match. Unfortunately, I say, Paolo Guerrero’s team still a bit short in overcoming Denmark. A 1-0 defeat for Peru.

Post match commentary:

  • Peru was dominating the match. But the heartbreaking peaked when their star Christiaqn Cueva fail miserably in delivering the penalty kick. Denmark is not playing bad either, but they have Lady luck on their side when one of their fast counter attack converted to a goal. Per had many chances but somehow did not convert into any goal.
  • But anybody who watch can see how the team bonding of Peru was very strong when they consoled Cueva who was very devastated after the half time and full time.


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Here is the group standing after the first match.
Until the 2nd match then….