Group C#WDLGoalsTotal

Welcome Back to Group C Highlight

This is the group standing after the first match done in Group C. As you can see France top the list, and Australia still yet to score a point.

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Iceland Denmark 0 1


Australia Australia 0 1

Denmark vs Australia

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • Australia was actually playing quite well against France. Maintaining if not improve that performance, Australia could beat Denmark. Of course, a bit bias on my side because I am Australian, but hey, patriotism trumps logic, right?
  • This is a do-or-die match to Australia.  Lost, then they need to start packing. A draw just gives a glimmer of hope. But a win will maintain hope to proceed to the next phase. On the last 3 friendly against Denmark, the Aussie lost 1-3 (2007), win 1-0 (2010 and lost 2-0 (2012)
  • Denmark pivots their strength from Christian Eriksen (Tottenham). So neutralizing him will give Australia more room to manoeuvre.  Australia is also depended on the veteran Tim Cahill, but lately, it is more moral support rather than physical support. Tim could be the decoy that drains Denmark defender while other players like Mile Jedinak or the youngest Daniel Arzani (19 years old) can make a difference.
  • I will call for Australia’s victory 2-0 against Denmark.

Post-match commentary:

  • Australia (World Rank #36) threw all its got to Denmark (World Rank #12) but did not manage to beat Denmark. The result was just 1 all draw.
  • Christian Eriksen steals an early goal at 7′ with beautiful high skill one-two pass from Nicolai Jorgenson. Four Aussie defender cannot do anything to prevent this world-class goal.
  • Then the match goes into overdrive. Australian up the tempo and try to break Denmark’s defence but to no avail.
  • And while the VAR kills Aussie on the previous match against France, this time VAR saved the Australian. On 38′ – while looks unintentional – VAR review warranted that Poulsen made a handball violation. Mile Jedinak converted the penalty to a goal easily.
  • The rest of the game was intense to watch as it was back and fourth blow between the two to get a decider. But no one succeeded and end up with the draw.
  • The strategy by Australia to always mark Christian Eriksen seems to be working and he becomes less dangerous than he could be.
  • Both team still have opportunities to get through to the knock-out stages.


France France 2 1


Peru Peru 0

France vs Peru

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • While play against Denmark, Peru is controlling the ball possession with almost 2x attempt on Denmark’s goal, but yet to make any goal. France defence is a notch (or two) better than Denmark, so I expect Peru will not be able to score.
  • On the contrary, being the most expensive team in the world cup (where every player worth huge amount of money on their contract) France has a variety of attack options that will scramble Peru to the ground.
  • France will easily win against Peru. 2-0.

Post-match commentary:

  • Peru was astonishing! I was very wrong when I say “France will easily win against Peru” above. Because if you watch the match and I told you that it was France playing against an unknown team and you need to guess who was that team, you will never ever guess it that it was Peruvian. They just play like Spain or Germany. France was bombarded and dominated through the 2nd half. Absolutely brilliant effort for Peru. A bit sad that all that effort did not get rewarded by any goal. France only gets 44% ball possession and with all their effort, they did not really deserve to win.
  • At minute 34′, an error by defenders saw the ball was stolen and the youngster Kylian Mbappe converted into a goal. Only 19.5 years old. The second youngest in the tournament after Daniel Arzani (Australia). But Mbappe is France’s youngest ever goalscorer at the World Cup.
  • But that’s the only goal. France needs to up their attacking game if they want to go further beyond.
  • With this result, France confirms its spot in the knockout stage following Russia and Uruguay.


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The group standing after 2nd group matches.

Here is the group standing that shows France goes through to the knock out stage, while Peru has been eliminated. Denmark and Australia will battle it up at the last match.

For Australia, even if they win, it does not guarantee that they will go through. Australia depended on France to beat Denmark.

Denmark just needs a mere draw to secure their spot in the Top-16.

But, France also needs to maintain at least a draw to avoid the scary Croatia who elegantly defeated Argentina in group D slaughter.

Group C#WDLGoalsTotal