Group A#WDLGoalsTotal
Saudi Arabia20020-60

The Last Group A Highlight for FIFA World Cup 2018

Welcome back to the last of group A highlight.

Wit Uruguay and host Russia have already qualified, both of these group A’s matches are no longer significant for the tournament stage. And, since there is no other group that finish all their matches, Group A cannot choose and pick, if possible, the opponent they “prefer” to meet on the first Top 16 matches

p.s: For the highlight of the first match of group A, please click here. Or for the 2nd match click here.

Uruguay Uruguay 1 3


Russia Russia 1 0

Uruguay vs Russia

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • The host nation at this stage will not be willing to risk injury and/or over exhaustion for any of their player. The defence and the attacking team are also pretty solid. They probably just want to try some new formation or let the substitute players have their caps in an international event while resting their important player.
  • But on the other side, Uruguay will need to work on their attack. The inability to produce more goal against weak Saudi Arabia says it all. Suarez and Cavani and the team are like a scary looking knife that is actually dull. Need a bit of sharpening.
  • It would be scoreless match 0-0.

Post-match commentary:

  • For a match that is not too important, a bit surprising that Uruguay used it to beat Russia in a style. 3-0
  • Dominating all aspect of the game, Uruguay started with an early goal from Suarez on 10′ from a free kick just outside the penalty area. Flawless free kick.
  • 13 minutes later, Diego Laxalt shot a goal after a deflection from Cheryshev. It was an own goal. 2-0 for Uruguay.
  • Then on 36′, Russia down to 10 men as Igor Smolnikov got booked for the 2nd time just outside the penalty area.
  • And Cavani cannot just stay behind. At the end of the 2nd-half, he also scored in front of the goal after a corner kick.


Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0 2


Egypt Egypt 3 1

Egypt vs Saudi Arabia

Pre-match commentary and tipping

  • While Russia and Uruguay may slow down their tempo, expect a brutal force of Egypt in this match. Egypt will throw all they got to beat Saudi Arabia. I can see even they will play Mo Salah (only if there is no strong nasty call from Liverpool official that concern about Salah condition). Egypt performance was not to be ashamed of. They just need a bit of edge at the finishing end to produce a goal.
  • Saudi Arabia will have also full motivation not to be the weakest team in the history of world cup. Iceland and Panama may have only attended 2018 world cup, but they did show some powerful force.
  • Egypt will win 3-0.

Post-match commentary:

  • The Saudis surprisingly put a very good fight against Egypt. 61% ball possessions and 222 vs 8 attempts throughout the match.
  • But it was Mo Salah who the first to score. Getting a pass from way behind, Salah made a run solo and conquer 2 defenders plus a goalie to score Egypt first and only goal.
  • The Suaid get an equalizer from 45’+6 when Salman converted a penalty kick into a goal after
  • Then Saudi Arabia got 2 back-to-back penalty kicks. One for a handball, one for pulling the shirt deliberately in the penalty area. Unfortunately, only 1 convert when Salman Alfaraj book the goal at 45’+6
  • Then it was Salem Aldawsari who seal the win after netted the ball on 90’+3 after a struggle in front of Egypt goal..


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Final Group A Standing

Here is the group standing for Group A.

Note: currently with prediction above

Group A#WDLGoalsTotal
Saudi Arabia30030-90