He is the first human to set foot in the moon. He was almost 39 years old that time and got himself a huge 39th birthday’s gift: a trip to the moon. And on his 82nd birthday, he got different kind of gift – he underwent heart bypass surgery to by pass blocked arteries. He survived. But 3 weeks later on 25 Aug 2012 he passed away. He is Neil Armstrong.

It was 20 July 1969, after 3 days of journey with Apollo, Neil Armstrong is the first man in the planet who set foot on the moon, and that everlasting quote become part of the history:

[Neil Armstrong Photo]

Neil Armstrong 1930-2012, photo:Wikipedia

This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

The rest is history. He become household’s name. His name is taught to all children in the school everywhere even up to now.

He relatively lives a humble and quiet life post Apollo 11. He taught aerospace  in University, work for few US businesses and help with investigation of Apollo 13 and Challenger Disaster.

But he refuse any political position, he would rather play golf. He even refused all request of autograph as he knows that it is just to be sold for huge profit. He even sued his barber as Neil’s speck of hair was sold without his knowledge to private collector.

His Legacy, Challenged

[US Flag on the moon]

US Flag on the moon

But, the biggest insult to him, in my opinion, started with a book by Phil Plait on 2002 “Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to Moon landing Hoax” which among other things claim that the whole moon landing is just “hoax” or conspiracy theory, and all those photos and footage are just taken from somewhere on the dessert.

For example, I found this very hilarious. The picture of Amercan flag on the moon, the bad astronomer say, since it was vacuum, then there won’t be any wind, how come the flag is looks like waving in proud. This must be hoax. The explanation is simple, because NASA knows that there will be no wind, but they want it waving, so fit a frame on the flag (imagined inverted “L” frame on the top and side of the flag) and intentionally make it like waving.

Although all scrutinies and false claim have been explained to their own embarrassment, the damaged has been done. Some people in this planet now believe that there was never been a moon landing.

Without going to glory detail, let me wake up those still believe moon landing is a hoax.

The very reason NASA of USA have the moon program on that very time (despite the Vietnam War USA has involved) is because the former Soviet Union USSR had beat them. On 1961, USSR put the first human into outer space when Yuri Gargarin completed an orbit with his Vostok. Since then, the “competition” is intense. Mission after mission were expedited to catch up. Remember, this is in the middle of “cold war” between 2 super power nations.  Now if there is ever a hoax on the moon landing, isn’t very strange that USSR not saying anything about this? Don’t forget on that time KGB agents  are everywhere, and it is easy enough to distinguish a triangulation between signal from the moon and signal from the dessert on Nevada. I don’t think the Russian will just quiet, right?

And with Apollo 13 disaster, NASA probably  realize that they were got lucky with Apollo 11 and just pause any moon project.

But on Neil’s passing even Phil Plaitt said this:

There is so much that can be said about this man, from his incredible career to his notorious shying away from the spotlight. He had history thrust upon him, and performed in a way that will be an inspiration to generations of explorers

Here is the moon landing footage:


Good-bye, Neil !

So long, Neil Armstrong – you are the world’s greatest space hero, you will inspire us to do what seems impossible a reality. You did just that, and I believe you have successfully done your purpose on earth. May you rest in peace !