I was very excited when hear the news that Apple release the new iPhone. That the new iPhone will be in 3G technology. And that the price is down !

Why I was so excited? beside the common-iphone-fever, I am in the market for mobile phone. Mine one is Motorola A1000 and already more than 2 years old now. Although still fully functioning, the battery is dying and a bit of dent, scratch here and there. So, woohoo I’ll get my self the new iPhone !!

But then I was disappointed. Upon checking the website. Apple told me to buy it from Optus or Vodaphone. The problem is I am with Three. Although no longer in a contract, I am happy with them. My wife also with Three and my backup broadband connection is also with Three. I have no intention of changing provider.

I am a bit surprise that Three and Hutchinson miss out this Apple deal. In Australia, Three was the pioneer of the 3G and Three/Hutchinson worldwide has significant market power in mobile phone.

Apparently, Three now try to use its power in the market to make a petition to show apple that they deserve the iPhone quota. The website is here. It’s a bit seems like desperate attempt to get Apple attention. But it might work. Here is the article from Sydney Morning Herald about that.

So, if you’re with Three and wnat an iPhone.. go sign the petition and leave your comment there.