Wake up on Australia Day means a annual trip to local park to celebrate Australia with its barbie (BBQ) and share good times with people from multi race background who live in Australia. Some like to go to local citizen ceremony to welcome Australia newest citizen. But for anything that you do today, for sure you will see Australian flag all over the country. Yes, it still have a union jack on it as Queen of England is officially still head of state, but it’s still Aussie flag. One that people carry to Olympics and World Cup, together with green and gold uniform, and make them proud as a nation.


It's Australia

Australia is “the lucky country” some people say. But it is indeed true for some extend:

  • Global Financial Crisis (“GFC): Australia has suffered only minimal impact from the crisis. Mainly thanks to the abundance mineral resources that always needed by China and India and the fast acting of government to boost confident.Remember, this “GFC” was due to sub prime mortgage crisis in US, so should be no direct impact to the rest of the world. What was shaking is people confidence about banking system, uncertain future post crisis, etc. And Rudd government hit this spot on by handed in litterally thousands of cash money to every Australian. Of course, with everybody suddenly have cash on their pocket, a decen sum, confidence is maintain at high level. People keep spending and businesses can minimize the effect.What this actually means? Well, unemployment was maintain at around 6% not as worse as expected, property price stable and actually keep rising and Aussie Dollar keep rising as well.But there is some side effect for mortgage holder: while everybody else in the world still enjoy the low interest rate to stimulate the economy, Reserve Bank of Australia (hence all the banks) has increase the rate 3 times so far with expectation that this early February there will be another one. Yes, in other world, the reserve bank already try to put a break on economic growth to control inflation.
  • Terrorist Attack: Thankfully, up to now, there was no terrorist attack in Australia soil. Not really sure who can take credit of this, but my take on this is that Australia is considered “low profile” in the world. Just a small country with 22 million people. You don’t get the attention that you need to carry such attack, maybe… Touch wood.
  • Blessed Isolation: Geographicly isolated with the rest of the world give an unique advantage for Australia.
    • Many diseases and sickness, especially for stocks can be avoided, for example: Australian beef are excellent and healthy meat. Also, do you know that Arab country also buy camel from Australian desert as the camel here free of diseases that they have commonly there.
      This advantage is enforced by very strict quarantine policy in all international airport and seaport.
    • Easier to control the people smuggling into the country. While 2009 was a record where more than 60 boat people try to seek refuge in Australia, but it is actually not that difficult to see that happen compare to if Australia have a few neighboring country with close proximity.
      This advantage is also enforced by strict visa policy. Try to get into Australia from Indonesia for example, even tourist visa is very hard to get.
  • Have it all: from snowy mountain to dry dessert, from rain forest, bushes to beautiful beaches; under water, on the water, above the water . Australia have it all. Yes, drought still a problem to some significant area, but everybody just take it on together. During the worst drought: people don’t wash the car, don’t water the garden as it were, just to survive. And we made it.

But on the serious note, don’t underestimate the contribution of this “downunder” country to the world:

  • Who can live without Wireless LAN these day ? Well, this IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g Wi-Fi product is Australian invention. Other important invention were: black box flight recorder, electric drill, garage roller door, notepad,  photocopy even dual flush toilet. For more complete list check out this.
  • Supply about 20% of world’s nuclear energy fuel, Uranium (just 2nd after Canada)
  • Home of the most prolific inventor in the human history, Kia Silverbrook. (Yes, Thomas A Edison is now #3) – See this for more detail.
  • Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Simon Baker are some Australians envoy for Hollywood. Not to mention Prince Mary of Denmark who is an Aussie. “The Wiggles” and “AC/DC” are those for music.
  • A saint.
  • many still in progress….

Remember, when you say “G’day, Mate!” the pronunciation could give you up (“day” pronounce like “die” , “mate” pronounce as “mite”, check out the pronunciation here to be sure.).

Happy Australia Day 2010 ! (And yes, it’s public holiday today…)