As fast as you can feel, FIFA World Cup 2010 has reached its halfway mark. All 32 teams has played 2 times each and some has known thei faith, while some still pretty much depended on the last match of the group. To preserve the thrill, drama, and living memory of this FIFA World Cup 2010 – here is the snapshot of the halfway mark and a little bit amateur commentary from me. Enjoy…

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Group E

No surprise here as the orange team sails trough as predicted. Netherlands wins 2-0 against Denmark and 1-0 against Japan.

[World Cup 2010 Group E]

World Cup 2010 Group E

The last match will be Netherlands vs Cameroon (non determining match) and Japan vs Denmark. Netherlands has qualified. Japan only need a draw and Denmark still need to win while Cameroon is already out of contention.

My take: with “kamikaze” spirit, Japan will hold Denmark for a draw. So, Netherlands and Japan will through.

Update: Japan did better, they win. But the end result is as predicted.

Group F

Italy and Paraguay supposed to be the top of the group. Well they are (kind of), although Italy got the same diseases as England: under performing. The screaming underdog is New Zealand – force a draw against Italy and Slovakia, this Australian neighbor may prepare the next surprise.

[World Cup 2010 Group F]

World Cup 2010 Group F

Everybody in Group F still have a chance to go to knockout stage. To qualify, New Zealand need a win against Paraguay. But at the last game, Italy will take full point from Slovakia and so does Paraguay. So, Italy Slovakia and Paraguay will through.

Update: Italy cannot win and Paraguay draw. Slovakia through.

Group G

Probably so far only Brazil (win 2-1 against Korea DPR and 3-1 against Ivory Coast) and Argentina are showing their superiority quite consistently. Although Portugal try to as well: with their 7-0 win against Korea DPR (North Korea), after unfortunate draw against Ivory Coast.

[World Cup 2010 Group G]

World Cup 2010 Group G

The last matches are between Brazil vs Portugal, and Ivory Coast vs North Korea. With Brazil has qualified and Korea DPR hardly can qualified anymore (unless win 15-0 vs Ivory Coast a – very very unlikely and also Brazil must beat Portugal), then it’s just practically between Ivory Coast and Portugal. Portugal just need a draw – but even if Brazil beat Portugal, but Ivory Coast still need to win 7-0 over Korea even Brazil defeated Portugal by 3-0.
My take: Brasil will win, so does Ivory Coast – but unfortunately not enough goal to qualify. So, Brazil and Portugal will through.

Update: as predicted, although Brasil just score a draw.

Group H

In the first game, as expected Chile beat Honduras (1-0) but surprisingly the Swiss beat favorite Spain (also 1-0). Then it was “normal” on the second game where Spain beat Honduras and Chile beat Switzerland. With Swiss is due to meet Honduras and Spain to meet Chile on the last game of group’s round robin. This group is making the most interesting in term of league table. Chile with 6 points is not yet qualified, but Honduras with 0 point still can qualify. Interesting !

[World Cup 2010 Group H]

World Cup 2010 Group H

Everybody in Group H still have a chance to go to knockout stage. The overconfident Spain has so far nothing to show but under performing. With a lost to Swiss and win over Honduras. They need to score a win over Chile, as Switzerland will likely to beat Honduras on the final group game.

Chile just need a draw to qualify.Swiss need at least 2 goals win against Honduras – provided Spain win over Chile (or just any win if Chile beat Spain – actually a draw is enough to Swiss if Chile beat Spain by more than 2 goals).Even Honduras can still qualify if they win more than 3 goals against Switzerland provided Chile beats Spain.

All scenario above is still practically possible. (compare to group G where the scenario is possible but not practical/hardly unlikely) Interesting, right ?!

My take: Swiss will win with 2+ goal and qualify. Spain will win also with 2+ goal and qualify. So, Spain and Swiss Chile will through.

Update: Spain won and Swiss unable to score a win against the weakest Honduras. Hence Chile go through.

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The Top 16

So according to the analysis (read: “guess”) above, the top 16 are:

GermanyAustralia Ghana
Italy SlovakiaParaguay
SpainSwiss Chile

Let see how many I was wrong next week. Have fun !

UPDATE: hey, 13 out of 16 (81%)!, not bad…