After a marathon meeting the whole morning at office, I finally went to center stage of Macquarie Shopping Center, North Ryde. There were probably about 50 – 100 people watching and made it as little entertainment. Although I didn’t have to open my clothes, luckily, nobody laughing at me. It doesn’t take that long before I can feel that cool breeze from the air conditioner that I did not feel before.

Do You Know What I did Last Friday?

World’s Greatest Shave 2009

Yes, I participate in World’s Greatest Shave 2009. This is annual fund-raising organized by Leukaemia Foundation. They need to raise money for 2 big reasons:

  1. To fund research in search of a cure and better treatment for Leukaemia: including but not limited to clinical trials, fellowships and scholarships, Australian Blood Cancer Registry, etc
  2. Practical care to patients and their family such as: education programs, accommodation during treatment for patients and family away from home,  transport and other practical support including financial support.

The foundation specifically deals with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma, Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), Myelproliferative Disorders (PRV, ET, MF), Waldenstroms, Amyloidosis and Aplastic Anaemia

As you know, we are in the middle of global recession and financial crisis that we have never seen before. At this kind of time, the  companies big and small that usually support this kind of movement will certainly reduce or even cease their support.

As per 20 mar 2009, $5.7 million has been raised so far, but the target is $13.6million. I am sure they will reach the target very soon with help from you as well !

But I truly believe that the effort to conquer these diseases must never stop because more and more people are still suffering from these horrible diseases. We must keep trying until we succeeded.

I have to convince the skeptic to believe that these efforts will never be a waste. For example: Do you know that we as human being has found a vaccine against cervical cancer? Read more here if you’re interested.  Without enough funding it would not be possible.

Let’s Contribute To This Great Cause

When you shave your head (or color it for the less brave), you need to ‘pay’ for your ‘hairdresser’. Then while you are being shaven on the stage, among the spectators, there will be volunteer to collect any donation for this happening. If you are celebrity, you can auction yourself for people to shave your hair or just to make your hair shaven.

Well, I ain’t a celebrity but I have this website and a great friends and visitors that I am sure also care about this great cause. So, how about we together try to collect $1000 for Leukaemia Foundation! (That’s my goal)

What To Do Next ?

See The Shaving VideoThere are countless ways that you can do to support this great cause. But for this moment, I would like to make these 2 specific suggestion. How about if you:

  1. Make a credit card donation by sponsoring me (the money will never go to me, it will go direct to the foundation, and it’s tax deductible) -or/and-
  2. Register yourself in World’s Greatest Shave 2009 , have your hair shaven or color and collect donation. It’s not too late.

My hair is gone because I deliberately have it shaven. But remember, for the Leukaemia patients, because of the treatment they need to go through, the hair just fell off.

My hair will grow back at no time. In the mean time, the Leukaemia patients will have to go through a very long road before they have their hair back.

Be gracious for what we have. Don’t take it for granted and give generously, please !

Don’t forget check out the actual shaving video ! (special thanks to Leo M for recording the event)

See The Shaving VideoBelow is my transformation to my new hair style. From normal to a baldy man. Just make sure you don’t meet me in the dark as I might scare you away.. :-) Anyway, have a bit laugh and thank you for your great support !

Me, Before The Shaving

Me, Before Shaving

Me, During The Shaving

Me, During Shaving

Me, After The Shaving

Me, After Shaving


See The Shaving VideoTo find out more about Leukaemia Foundation
To make a donation:  go here and click Sponsor Me