Dedicated to My Beloved Mom on Her 60th Birthday.
From 6500km Away South of The Earth

Diamond of Family

Diamond of Family

It stands thousands of degree of heat
It forms in craton…
A pressure so high no one can imagine
It only makes it harder and shinier
The beauty of isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice
Yes, it’s a diamond…

My mom stands thousand of problems, angers and difficulties…
My mom lives in the island of men of 4 sons and a husband
All with different pressure of demands and wants
But it only make her harder and shinier
The beauty of motherhood and its magic
Yes, it’s my mom

A mom, a wife, a daughter, a grandma for us…
A friend, a colleague, a family member for many…
A teacher, employer, employee for others…
A General who frighten the enemy

At her peak !
At 60, she will conquer the world !

Happy 60th Birthday…
For our diamond of the family
Long live in happiness!