He smiles when he wakes up
He smiles at work
He smiles when going home from work
He still smiles hail, rain or shine
Because for him, today is the first day of the rest of his life

He smiles when doing E-minis
He smiles when using the great trading system
He smiles when profit target is touched
He still smiles when stop loss is hit
Because he knows he plays the probability games

He smiles when he found a great property
He smiles if the mortgage is approved
He smiles when the real estate agent brought a tenant
He still smiles when the tenant is bad
Because he had Land Lord Insurance

He smiles when register a domain name
He smiles when someone opt-ins
He smiles when login to ClickBank account
He still smiles when someone ask for refund
Because he is an internet marketer

He smiles when shopping with the wife
He smiles when ironing
He smiles when playing with the kids in the park
He still smiles when going to the church :-)
Because he is a family man

He smiles when doing the DOE
He smiles playing six sigma
He smiles probing a wafer
He still smiles while making weekly report
Because he is also “The Smiling Engineer”

— dedicated to my beautiful wife, Mirna