I have been one of millions customer of bank “C”. One of the product that I use is their credit card and saving account. Then I link them together so that the auto-payment can take some money to pay the credit card when it is due. (Yes, fully paid your credit card every month is very good habit if you don’t want to pay those monster interest rate :-) )

Well, it’s has been wonderful for the last 6 years. Until one day they claim they “upgrade” their software. And it started.

Could you give more money, please ?

I chose to have smaller credit limit as possible. So, every month I usually need to ‘top up’ (pay off some) before the due date for me to be able to keep using it for the rest of the month. For good six years with this bank, that always been my ‘customer behavior’. If there is still outstanding money, the auto-payment will take care the payment.

This particular month, somehow the auto-payment transact weird amount of money from my saving account to my credit card. It somehow calculate only part of the ‘manual payment’ that I have. For example: if my debt were $2000 total, and I paid $1500 already, then usually the auto-payment will take $500 only. Not this time. The auto payment take almost the whole amount say $1750. Weird number.

So a call to customer service is due. At first the CS representative remind me that all manual payment need to be transacted at least 4 days clear of the due date. But she then have nothing to say after comb through my account because her theory simply does not add up. She claimed that a software upgrade was just done and someone will look into it. She apologized and I received the refund in 3 days. Good one.

Unfortunately, the next month it happening again. Same exact scenario. I received a sorry and the refund of over-payment in no time. But you know that “someone will look into it” is just a lips service.

You see, I have been in software industry before and understand that bug is always lurking. The testing and fool-proofing a system is more than 50% of the process. But if a big bank with huge resources cannot catch this simple addition formula:

[Amount to be transfer]= [Amount due] – [Amount already paid]

Don’t you a bit worry ?

Third time charm

And you won’t believe it. It happened again 3 months in a row! Again, refund in few days with apology. But this time my patience is a bit over.

I make letter of complaint to their official complaint handling procedure about this bungle. I also contribute a flowchart for them to fix the problem (of course for free)…

But at the same time, I cancel the auto payment system. I decided to end this situation and choose to take 100% responsibility of the payment.

Nice Surprise

I started to forget the whole thing as I received a nice surprise call. They acknowledge the problem and also offer me some compensation which I gladly take.

So one good lesson if the bank fed you up, don’t fiddle with that nice customer service reps, save your energy and just write the letter according to their complain handling procedure. Apparently they are required by law to response, if not, ombudsman is the next step.

I still do my manual payment, though….