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We’re back! New Software, New Hardware, New Spirit….

Thanks to circumstances in my life, I manage to abandon this site for several years. But, no more. I will continue writing as much as possible to connect with all you guys. In the next few weeks, I will tidy up and finalised the server migration to something faster with SSL connection. Kindly be more patient doing this transition. If there is something you need to let me know, please use the contact page. It is being monitored closely :-) I usually will not reply to any offer of service, though – got heaps of those and almost all is not required (no, I got my SEO guy! lol) But I welcome any idea of collaboration with you....

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Australia Day 2013: Time for change !

I will mark Australia Day 2013 with this statement “Australia is still by far the luckiest country in the world”. Not to emphasize that it just happen Australia got some ridiculous amount of mineral which happen got their eager buyer who then keep the economy in positive note no, , not this time. Unfortunately, this year I need to emphasize to the sarcastic aspect of a “Lucky Country”. Let’s hear the whining….

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In Memoriam: Good Bye, Neil Armstrong !

He is the first human to set foot in the moon. He was almost 39 years old that time and got himself a huge 39th birthday’s gift: a trip to the moon. And on his 82nd birthday, he got different kind of gift – he underwent heart bypass surgery to by pass blocked arteries. He survived. But 3 weeks later on 25 Aug 2012 he passed away. He is Neil Armstrong. It was 20 July 1969, after 3 days of journey with Apollo, Neil Armstrong is the first man in the planet who set foot on the moon, and that everlasting quote become part of the history: This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind The rest is history. He become household’s name. His name is taught to all children in the school everywhere even up to now. He relatively lives a humble and quiet life post Apollo 11. He taught aerospace  in University, work for few US businesses and help with investigation of Apollo 13 and Challenger Disaster. But he refuse any political position, he would rather play golf. He even refused all request of autograph as he knows that it is just to be sold for huge profit. He even sued his barber as Neil’s speck of hair was sold without his knowledge to private collector. His Legacy, Challenged But, the biggest...

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