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Winter in the Mountains: Ready to Rock!

Winter in Australia is just mild. Even in the mountains. As we pass the 2017 winter solstice, the day time is at around 15 degree Celcius with sun and just below zero at night. Of course, with very intention to make energy company happy, heaters – electric and gas species – are active furiously. But coziness and warmth do come in price. As does our server. It is now enjoying the cosiness and warmth of the best setup in the world. Over the cloud, in the Amazon city, it lives. So apology if the last 2 weeks you may...

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Margaret Court: No Longer a Role Model

Winning tennis’ 24 Grand Slam titles is legendary. Margaret Court did this. Then she dedicated her post-tennis-life to serve people’s spirituality. She also trained and inspired young tennis player to greatness. Therefore, she was then deemed a good role model. As a result, we see “Margaret Court Arena” in Melbourne.
But now, we can see that she seems to be homophobic. Also, we can see her quite a bully, arrogant with a hint of a racism. So, if these are true, is it too much to ask to rename the arena? Perhaps with another name that more deserving as a role model.

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We’re back! New Software, New Hardware, New Spirit….

Thanks to circumstances in my life, I manage to abandon this site for several years. But, no more. I will continue writing as much as possible to connect with all you guys. In the next few weeks, I will tidy up and finalised the server migration to something faster with SSL connection. Kindly be more patient doing this transition. If there is something you need to let me know, please use the contact page. It is being monitored closely :-) I usually will not reply to any offer of service, though – got heaps of those and almost all is not required (no, I got my SEO guy! lol) But I welcome any idea of collaboration with you....

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Australia Day 2013: Time for change !

I will mark Australia Day 2013 with this statement “Australia is still by far the luckiest country in the world”. Not to emphasize that it just happen Australia got some ridiculous amount of mineral which happen got their eager buyer who then keep the economy in positive note no, , not this time. Unfortunately, this year I need to emphasize to the sarcastic aspect of a “Lucky Country”. Let’s hear the whining….

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