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Get Started on New Things vs Restarted Old Things

This article is about why it’s easier to get started something new, than restarted something that already lose momentum. However, restarting the old things could be actually better than just start another new one.

I guess everybody already experience this at various stage of life – maybe more often than they want. Consciously, you did not want to lose any momentum of something that you really wanted to do, but it has happened and usually you thought you were strong enough to prevent it from happening, but it is not always true, isn’t it?

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Does Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Throttle Your Bit Torrent?

If you ever need to download very large file from internet (100s MB or even GB), you will know that bit torrent provide reliable and fast way to do that. Actually according to Wikipedia, it accounts for more than 40% of total internet traffic. So, if you are using bit torrent and currently in the market to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that not slow it down (throttling), then check out this finding

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Condensation, Bathroom, Electricity and Dodgy Developer: Possible Hazard

Every bathroom, by default, is a confined space. Some will have windows, but also by default it will be closed most of the time. Hence a bathroom lighting is something not really special. But wait until condensation with the help dodgy developer meet with years of unopened lamp fitting inside humid bathroom…. Just make sure your place equipped with Residual Current Device/Circuit Breaker – otherwise short circuit and/or electrocution is just a matter of time.

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Living Cost in Sydney: 2010 Version (2)

Australia is a lucky country. Not only due to abundant resources (Uranium & Mineral in particular), true multi cultural living, its blessed isolation but also for many other things. This has been a good attraction for people all around the world wanting to call Australia home. Sydney as the biggest city in Australia, is one of the first who fell the direct impact of that attraction. The effect of course mostly good, but some negative effect unfortunately need to be faced head on.

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Sydney Living Cost 2010: Car Ownership Expenses

Often mistakenly dubbed as Australia’s Capital, Sydney Metropolitan area is very very big. The area is no less than 12,100 square km – if it is a square, it’s roughly 110km by 110km. So, with public transport not in very best condition, the logical alternative will be to own a car to move around Sydney.

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Cost of Public Transport In Sydney For Commuting to Work

When I moved to where I live now, I actually feel blessed in many aspect, but in particular related to commuting to work, because there is a train station nearby. Not just tiny little one, but a train station that services busy Westmead Hospital (so, most train will stop there). My wishful thinking is that someday maybe I don’t need to drive anymore. But I am still driving nowadays to go to work. What happen ?

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Entrepreneur Of The World, Wake Up ! You Got the Money !

Money, money, money ! Capital money. That’s always the excuse that most of the entrepreneur-would-be say they don’t have to bring their idea and work to the community and the world. Well, no more excuse ! Someone will give you the money to fund your project big or small. Thanks to internet and global community, you will get your money and realize your dream, start making money and make the world a better place !

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Security For Everyone: Beware The Phone Call

This just literally happen again to me today, twice. So, I thought I have to emphasize the critical aspect of this issue and the fact that it is really easy to get overlooked. What am I talking about ? I am referring to the verbal ID verification during phone conversation when you are dealing with (usually) your bank, financial institution or other service provider. Disregarding this you might end up exposed yourself to identity theft, fraud, scam or other unwanted nasty that we really don’t want to deal with. Beware !

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Hindsight is Your Friend, But Foresight is the One Making Money

Everything in life, absolutely everything at all: decision making, investing, trading, business, parenting, working, studying, betting, would be much more easy if we have the benefit of hindsight. But unfortunately (or actually fortunately) nobody has that power, and this what makes life interesting and fair. Nobody what happen next. So, how to make hindsight your friend, churn it and then having a foresight to get the most of it?

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Decent Hot Chili in Sydney

One tiny little nag that I have when moving to Australia, in particular Sydney, is the absent of decent chili that is actually hot. Yes, you can still buy those red chili easily in supermarket or green grocery widely, but the degree of hotness is very poor. If I have a “hot-o-meter” scale from 0 to 10 where 0 is not hot at all and 10 being ‘super max kicking hot’ the average supply of chilli in Sydney will be around 2 or 3 level. Not good enough for me…

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