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Get Started on New Things vs Restarted Old Things

This article is about why it’s easier to get started something new, than restarted something that already lose momentum. However, restarting the old things could be actually better than just start another new one.

I guess everybody already experience this at various stage of life – maybe more often than they want. Consciously, you did not want to lose any momentum of something that you really wanted to do, but it has happened and usually you thought you were strong enough to prevent it from happening, but it is not always true, isn’t it?

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Strong Female Leadership In Australia: An Empowerment for All

All women in Australia should be filled with proud and motivated that Australia has proved to the maximum that women empowerment is second to none. But on the other side of the coin, this remove one of the biggest “excuse” that women has not been given their fair share or being discriminated, etc. Meaning: a woman become a success or not, the result is only determine by herself – or in other words, if a woman is not selected for something, that’s not because she is a woman, but because the requirement (skill, quality, etc) is not up to the required level….

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The Road not Taken: Destiny?

One very important aspect in life that I can see degrading is that people less and less taking responsibility of their own action or decision. People blames other, sue somebody of something that actually their own fault – even blaming destiny! What people forget is that it is their own decision that attract their own destiny, nothing to do with others.

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The Fall of A Judge: The Arrogance Of Human Being

The story about The Honourable Marcus Einfeld – now a former Federal Court judge – reaches its conclusion this week. It contains a story about the arrogance nature of us as human being when it comes to our mistake within our domain. A mistake that proven become very expensive for Mr Einfeld, but also can hurt any of us if we did not learn from this experience. Let us see further why…

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Saint Mary MacKillop: St Mary of the Cross, The First Australian Saint

Born and raised as Catholics, I know first hand about the Catholic culture related to their holy saint and the devotion: they don’t take it lightly. For a humble nun from Australia who once excommunicated by the church itself to be recognized as one of the church’s idol, that is a massive achievement.

So, this is my dedication to fellow Australian who does extraordinary things for fellow human regardless of their status. Hope the highest recognition from Catholic Church – a sainthood for Mother Mary MacKillop – could at least inspires us to do good deeds for those who less fortunate than us.

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Entrepreneur Of The World, Wake Up ! You Got the Money !

Money, money, money ! Capital money. That’s always the excuse that most of the entrepreneur-would-be say they don’t have to bring their idea and work to the community and the world. Well, no more excuse ! Someone will give you the money to fund your project big or small. Thanks to internet and global community, you will get your money and realize your dream, start making money and make the world a better place !

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Hindsight is Your Friend, But Foresight is the One Making Money

Everything in life, absolutely everything at all: decision making, investing, trading, business, parenting, working, studying, betting, would be much more easy if we have the benefit of hindsight. But unfortunately (or actually fortunately) nobody has that power, and this what makes life interesting and fair. Nobody what happen next. So, how to make hindsight your friend, churn it and then having a foresight to get the most of it?

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Attitude Is Everything, Age Is Not: Lesson from The Masters

Augusta National Golf Club on Easter Sunday 2009 witnesses a great big occasion. No, not the event itself which is the final round of The U.S. Masters – one of four major championships in men’s professional golf – but more importantly, the sportsmanship, humility and great attitude shown by Kenny Perry – we are all can learn from him.

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