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Australia Day 2013: Time for change !

I will mark Australia Day 2013 with this statement “Australia is still by far the luckiest country in the world”. Not to emphasize that it just happen Australia got some ridiculous amount of mineral which happen got their eager buyer who then keep the economy in positive note no, , not this time. Unfortunately, this year I need to emphasize to the sarcastic aspect of a “Lucky Country”. Let’s hear the whining….

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You Are Blocking Traffic, Mate !

A little bit traffic quiz and education for all Sydney motorists. With more and more residential stacked up along big highways, access road to these highways will create a lot of intersection that need to be served by traffic light. And with more and more intersection, the traffic light will be set such as that the highway will have more green than the access road. This is one of the story

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G’Day, Mate! It’s Australia Day

Wake up on Australia Day means a annual trip to local park to celebrate Australia with its barbie (BBQ) and share good times with people from multi race background who live in Australia. Some like to go to local citizen ceremony to welcome Australia newest citizen. But for anything that you do today, for sure you will see Australian flag all over the country. Yes, it still have a union jack on it as Queen of England is officially still head of state, but it’s still Aussie flag. One that people carry to Olympics and World Cup and make them proud as a nation.

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Saint Mary MacKillop: St Mary of the Cross, The First Australian Saint

Born and raised as Catholics, I know first hand about the Catholic culture related to their holy saint and the devotion: they don’t take it lightly. For a humble nun from Australia who once excommunicated by the church itself to be recognized as one of the church’s idol, that is a massive achievement.

So, this is my dedication to fellow Australian who does extraordinary things for fellow human regardless of their status. Hope the highest recognition from Catholic Church – a sainthood for Mother Mary MacKillop – could at least inspires us to do good deeds for those who less fortunate than us.

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Is Global Warming / Climate Change a Democratic Issue ?

Following debate about climate change / global warming policy in radio, TV and newspaper. There has been direct and indirect debate between the skeptic and the pro. And one of the argument put forward is that if majority of scientist in the world agree on something, then it must have been true. Then I start questioning my self, well, yes a prime minister or president of a country can be determine by the majority of voter, but is Global Warming / Climate Change is one of those that became true if the majority say so ? No, I don’t think so.

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Smiling Investor on Global Warming

I sometimes get asked on what is my opinion about the whole global warming saga and I always answer that I am neutral. In term of the technicality that human race is causing global warming, I would put myself into the sceptic. But on the other hand, in term of the action, I encourage everybody to do whatever we can to do what is necessary to reduce our footprint in the environment.

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Cheaper To Buy Than Rent: Property At Its Low !

It’s getting more obvious each day that there have been no better time to buy property: you own home or investment one. New official figure from NSW government confirm that it’s become quite obvious now that it’s cheaper to buy a property than rent a property.
So, if you are sitting on the fence wondering whether to buy or rent a property, read on below, made up your mind and go get your property ! Of course, this apply also for all the property investor out there ! Good long term investment that cannot be more obvious than this…

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Yes, We Still Care Each Other: Australian Bushfire Tradegy

“The seventh of February 2009 will now be remembered as one of the darkest days in Australia’s peacetime history.” This remark from Julia Gillard – Deputy Prime Minister emphasized how devastated the nation is with this bushfire tragedy. More than 180 people lost their live , hundreds were injured, at least 750 family become homeless and nothing less than 330,000 hectares (3,300 square kilometer) of forest and rural city area were burnt. ( That area is almost 5 times larger than Singapore).

‘Bushfire’ is Australian term for what known as wild fire or forest fire. So, although the name is “Bushfire” (bush ~ scrubs) and imply small fire, it is not. This is massive fire where people fleeing with car still got burnt as the fire is faster than the acceleration of the car. If you browse many news site you will see a lot of those car just charred on the side of the road losing the race… To make it even worse, due to the large area and sudden change of wind, the small rural city affected were almost got no warning and literally only within minutes the damages and fatality were maximum. The most ironic thing is that exactly the same time, the north of the country in North Queensland, heavy flooding have ravaged the area and 62% of the sunshine state has been declared disaster area. But gladfully no fatality has occured.

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