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Entrepreneur Of The World, Wake Up ! You Got the Money !

Money, money, money ! Capital money. That’s always the excuse that most of the entrepreneur-would-be say they don’t have to bring their idea and work to the community and the world. Well, no more excuse ! Someone will give you the money to fund your project big or small. Thanks to internet and global community, you will get your money and realize your dream, start making money and make the world a better place !

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Hindsight is Your Friend, But Foresight is the One Making Money

Everything in life, absolutely everything at all: decision making, investing, trading, business, parenting, working, studying, betting, would be much more easy if we have the benefit of hindsight. But unfortunately (or actually fortunately) nobody has that power, and this what makes life interesting and fair. Nobody what happen next. So, how to make hindsight your friend, churn it and then having a foresight to get the most of it?

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Cheaper To Buy Than Rent: Property At Its Low !

It’s getting more obvious each day that there have been no better time to buy property: you own home or investment one. New official figure from NSW government confirm that it’s become quite obvious now that it’s cheaper to buy a property than rent a property.
So, if you are sitting on the fence wondering whether to buy or rent a property, read on below, made up your mind and go get your property ! Of course, this apply also for all the property investor out there ! Good long term investment that cannot be more obvious than this…

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Covered Call & Suspension: Does ACH Know What They Are Doing?

The decision from Australian Clearing House, the clearing house for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) to reject the security as collateral for its own option has shown to the world that perhaps ACH does not know the real effect of what they are doing. If you are option trader, in particular doing this covered call aka buy write aka share renting, or option broker or anybody else that understand option, you will need to know this bungle and found out that the solution is pretty damn simple. Keep reading.

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