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Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

Maybe not everyone knows about Michael Bublé. He is Canadian singer and quite popular in Canada, UK and Australia. Handsome, strong, vocal and many great song and music. It will be in a matter of time he will become world famous. I guess, it’s too early in the year to talk about serious thing – so this is a little bit intermezzo: enjoy one of the greatest hit from Michael… It’s about most of us has been, is or will be experiencing… Happy New Year 2010 !

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Beat the Lotto odds?

Believe it or not, Lotto can be categorized as one of Wealth Creation. A quick, easy and painless one. Maybe the only “Get Rich Quick” scheme which is legal and approved by government ! But on the other side, it’s a form of gambling. And any gambling can be addicted. And addiction (to anything) is not good. But let’s have alook if we can beat the odds..

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Decent Hot Chili in Sydney

One tiny little nag that I have when moving to Australia, in particular Sydney, is the absent of decent chili that is actually hot. Yes, you can still buy those red chili easily in supermarket or green grocery widely, but the degree of hotness is very poor. If I have a “hot-o-meter” scale from 0 to 10 where 0 is not hot at all and 10 being ‘super max kicking hot’ the average supply of chilli in Sydney will be around 2 or 3 level. Not good enough for me…

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Golf Membership Bungle: $1000 is Better than $150, Silly!

I might mention on other article that I actually take golf as my “official” sport. Hence, that will involve a golf club and its membership. Just happen to me, I see that there is something strange on membership scheme that I cannot comprehend in any angle at all: from business perspective, from membership perspective or even logic. You might be surprise that this scheme is not uncommon here. It could be running in yours as well.

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Attitude Is Everything, Age Is Not: Lesson from The Masters

Augusta National Golf Club on Easter Sunday 2009 witnesses a great big occasion. No, not the event itself which is the final round of The U.S. Masters – one of four major championships in men’s professional golf – but more importantly, the sportsmanship, humility and great attitude shown by Kenny Perry – we are all can learn from him.

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