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Airport Transfer Paradox: Go To Airport More Expensive Than Air Fare !

With the world of budget airlines growing, the cost to go to airport has sometimes already more expensive than the airline ticket itself. Sound funny, but it could give you a little bit frustration as little you can do about it – something that you don’t want to start with for your holiday. So better be prepare and laughing on the way to airport as sometimes hiring a stretch limousine to the airport a la celebrity is not that expensive at all !!

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Travel To Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta, Nias,…): Stuffs You Should Not Know, But You Would

There are some stuffs that really cannot make it to Traveler’s Guide – either it’s politically incorrect or fearing that it’s just scaring the reader. So, when talking to traveling to Indonesia – whether it’s Bali, Jakarta, Nias Island or other part of the archipelago – I would mention some items that probably you should not know, but you would anyway.

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The Fall of A Judge: The Arrogance Of Human Being

The story about The Honourable Marcus Einfeld – now a former Federal Court judge – reaches its conclusion this week. It contains a story about the arrogance nature of us as human being when it comes to our mistake within our domain. A mistake that proven become very expensive for Mr Einfeld, but also can hurt any of us if we did not learn from this experience. Let us see further why…

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You Are Blocking Traffic, Mate !

A little bit traffic quiz and education for all Sydney motorists. With more and more residential stacked up along big highways, access road to these highways will create a lot of intersection that need to be served by traffic light. And with more and more intersection, the traffic light will be set such as that the highway will have more green than the access road. This is one of the story

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Will You Allow $300 Printer Down For A Piece of Paper: The Face Of Consumer Electronics

Thanks to rapid advancement of technology, mass production, fierce competition and an increase level of sophistication from average people, we are have been in a while now, in the new face of consumer electronics, where buy a new one is cheaper and better rather than repairing, where the vendor would want you continuously give them money. But will you allow $300 printer down for a piece of paper? Not me !

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Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet

Maybe not everyone knows about Michael Bublé. He is Canadian singer and quite popular in Canada, UK and Australia. Handsome, strong, vocal and many great song and music. It will be in a matter of time he will become world famous. I guess, it’s too early in the year to talk about serious thing – so this is a little bit intermezzo: enjoy one of the greatest hit from Michael… It’s about most of us has been, is or will be experiencing… Happy New Year 2010 !

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5 Most Common Christmas Stress: The Pandemic of Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season of Christmas and New Year is one of the most popular holiday in the planet. But at the same time the festivity is also creating additional stress for each and every one of us. Some stronger than the other. If you have not really feel it, then lucky you, that’s mean you are fully ready for Christmas more than every one else. But if you do feel it, don’t worry with a little trick it become much easier.

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Beat the Lotto odds?

Believe it or not, Lotto can be categorized as one of Wealth Creation. A quick, easy and painless one. Maybe the only “Get Rich Quick” scheme which is legal and approved by government ! But on the other side, it’s a form of gambling. And any gambling can be addicted. And addiction (to anything) is not good. But let’s have alook if we can beat the odds..

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Security For Everyone: Beware The Phone Call

This just literally happen again to me today, twice. So, I thought I have to emphasize the critical aspect of this issue and the fact that it is really easy to get overlooked. What am I talking about ? I am referring to the verbal ID verification during phone conversation when you are dealing with (usually) your bank, financial institution or other service provider. Disregarding this you might end up exposed yourself to identity theft, fraud, scam or other unwanted nasty that we really don’t want to deal with. Beware !

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