With praise and thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ, we warmly welcome the newest addition to our family, our second child and first son, also Clara’s little brother:

Anthony Francis Kristanda
a.k.a Chen Hui Gan
Born: Sydney, 15 June 2008 15:47
Weight: 3.77kg, Height: 51cm

Newborn Anthony

Anthony was delivered at Westmead Hospital by normal natural delivery after painful 24 hours labour. But both mommy and baby are very well although very tired.

Great Westmead Hospital Midwife

The Name

Anthony is named after the great Anthony Robbins, the self mastery professor. St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) inspired the middle name which is also the baptism name. Coincidently, St Anthony who is also a Franciscan who work closely with St Francis during their time has the feast day of 13th June, very close to 15th of June. Also, Anthony’s great grand mother is also named Anthonia. Kristanda is our family name which is short for “Kristus serta anda” (Indonesian) meaning “Christ be with you” (Christus Vobiscum)

While our family carry the Chinese name informally, “Tan” (Hokkien) or “Chen” in Mandarin is the family name, while Hui Gan means “smart and brave”

Thank You

Our warmest thank you to all midwives, nurses and other supporting staffs of Westmead Hospital’s Birth Unit, Women Health Ward and Maternity Ward. Special thanks to Jane and Karly who are in charge for the actual delivery, also Jeanette and Therese who prepare the delivery in the morning.
You all have proven to us that there is still a world class public health system in Australia despite all the negative publication in the media !

Also we have received special ‘bonus’ as Clara and Tony share the exact birthday for the rest of their life – only 4 years apart. (no, no operation, both were normal delivery!) Happy Birthday, Clara!
Thank you for all your pray and wishes.
God bless,
Denis , Mirna and Clara

Anthony Kristanda

Anthony Kristanda