“The Smiling Engineer” is my nickname. But some also nick me “The Smiling Investor”

That’s because engineering is my profession. Investing is my hobby, share trading is my blood and internet marketing is my passion. But after all, I am just the big daddy of Clara and Tony…

In this blog
I will write virtually any kind of topic that I would like the world to know because it has some value or lesson that might be valuable for others.

  • Sydney
    I will share all good and bad, high and low, up and down of the most beautiful city in the world
  • Family
    All kind of storiy with family value in it
  • Corporate Bungle
    I will share the true story that I have experienced in dealing with big corporate. Banks, brokers, hotels, airlines, or any other company. If the problem has been resolved with satisfactory result by my standard, I will just put the initial instead of full name. If not, then it will be free ad for them from this blog! (Note for company: resolve my problem, then contact me and I will put just initial)
  • Property Investing
    All about my property investing journey, the story behind the deal.
  • Share Trading
    All about my share trading moments…
  • many more…

Enjoy my online journal….

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