There are many different types of casinos. An avid gambler can visit the casino downtown, a resort casinos, internet casinos, or even casinos on riverboats or cruise ships. So, what? Well, everybody gambles! Like it or not, even you denied it, a little gamble here and there is part of our life.

Want example? Have you ever want to fill up your petrol tank but then you say to your self, ”Nahh… Just buy it tomorrow as it will be cheaper…” Well, this is a little gambling….Nobody knows what the price tomorrow, so you making a bet that the price will be cheaper tomorrow.

If it is 10 cents cheaper, then for 50 liter you will be rewarded with $5 save. But what if it is 10 cent more expensive and you just have to fill it up as it is running out already, then you ”lost” $5. For me, that is similar with putting $5 bet on Red color on roulette table. You guess right, you get rewarded, you guess it wrong your money gone. Isn’t it ?

Anyway, talking about gambling, the ultimate gambling experience will be going to the casino, as it is the gambling place. For those that never been to casino, you don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy the casino, it usually has cheap food, good live entertainment on week end, glamorous lighting and usually to get in is free !

Casino Cruises

Casino cruises are a unique experience as they combine the beauty and thrill of sailing with the excitement of playing casino games.
Casino cruises are popular in states that have outlawed gambling and/or the existence of casinos on land. In this case, casinos are often built on riverboats or cruise ships and sent out on the water so that will not be in the jurisdiction where gambling is illegal. These types of casinos attract all types of gamblers. Amateur gamblers who enjoy the tranquility of the water will often embark on a casino cruise, as will hardcore gamblers that have traveled from nearby states.

[Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship]

Short holiday in a cruise liner

Some casino cruises are day trips, while others involve an overnight stay. Some casino cruise companies offer only day trips during the week, but offer overnight trips on the weekend. Day trips are usually four or five hours long. One of these hours will be spent floating into an area of the water where gambling is technically legal. The day trip is better for players with less willpower because it limits gambling time, and thus limits the total money spent playing casino games. However, they are not as relaxing since you will probably spend all of your cruise time in the casino.

For the casino cruise enthusiast, the ultimate trip can be taken on a large cruise liner. These huge elaborate ships usually feature a variety of entertainment options, one of which will most certainly be a casino.

A cruise of this type can last a week or more, allowing plenty of time to gamble at your leisure. Not only that, but there are plenty other diversions if you get bored of gambling, or if you simply need a break. However, this type of casino cruise is typically much more expensive. In addition, since more time is spent with access to the casino, there is a greater likelihood of incurring debt or becoming involved in a quarrel with another gambler.

When choosing any casino cruise, always research the company that owns and operates the casino. You can find information online easily. This is especially important if you decide to take one of the longer cruises available. These cruises can be pricey, so you need to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Bet for fun, not for ruining your live

A little bit of warning and tips, as with other aspect of your life. You are in control of your own decision. As gambling is proven to be addictive, going for a holiday on a cruise ship should be planned with cool head:
– budget your gambling money. Treat this amount as if you will be using it all up. If it turn up you win, then it’s a bonus. This way, even you lost it all, at least you plan for it and it will keep your emotion and the urge to win a little bit down.
– do not bring your credit card on board. Bring cash, once you burn it, that’s it… no more.
– Look after one another with your friend or love one, do not do anything stupid.

Finally, as like other holiday….. Enjoy your time….

p.s: if you really want to just do some visit to casino, the easiest will be the one on your computer :-) – but which one? Be sure to check the link below to get your info.

— Article by Brian Hill of CasinoTop10