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“There is Nothing Like Australia” Ads – Lyric and More Detail-2010

Creating advertising campaign to sell Australia to the world maybe not so easy as anyone think. Like the latest "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign - 2010 version from Tourism Australia. It's simple, catchy, straight to the point and quite representing what Australia what to offer. But just a few days after the release, you will not believe how sarcastic and abusive some people are. I personally like it and decided to give it a bit of boost.

Surrounding, Sydney/OZ


Margaret Court: No Longer a Role Model

Winning tennis' 24 Grand Slam titles is legendary. Margaret Court did this. Then she dedicated her post-tennis-life to serve people's spirituality. She also trained and inspired young tennis player to greatness. Therefore, she was then deemed a good role model. As a result, we see "Margaret Court Arena" in Melbourne. But now, we can see that she seems to be homophobic. Also, we can see her quite a bully, arrogant with a hint of a racism. So, if these are true, is it too much to ask to rename the arena? Perhaps with another name that more deserving as a role model.

Get Started on New Things vs Restarted Old Things

This article is about why it’s easier to get started something new, than restarted something that already lose momentum. However, restarting the old things could be actually better than just start another new one.

I guess everybody already experience this at various stage of life – maybe more often than they want. Consciously, you did not want to lose any momentum of something that you really wanted to do, but it has happened and usually you thought you were strong enough to prevent it from happening, but it is not always true, isn’t it?

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Ipad, Children and Parenting: Why You Must Have One

Thanks to Apple, “Ipad” have replaced the official term “tablet” to be one of the most successful electronics product in human history. The impact is huge. In this article, Denis Kristanda, will show how important it is for children and why every parent shall make it available for their children. And it is probably not as expensive as you think…

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Does Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Throttle Your Bit Torrent?

If you ever need to download very large file from internet (100s MB or even GB), you will know that bit torrent provide reliable and fast way to do that. Actually according to Wikipedia, it accounts for more than 40% of total internet traffic. So, if you are using bit torrent and currently in the market to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that not slow it down (throttling), then check out this finding

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