“There is Nothing Like Australia” Ads – Lyric and More Detail-2010

Creating advertising campaign to sell Australia to the world maybe not so easy as anyone think. Like the latest "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign - 2010 version from Tourism Australia. It's simple, catchy, straight to the point and quite representing what Australia what to offer. But just a few days after the release, you will not believe how sarcastic and abusive some people are. I personally like it and decided to give it a bit of boost.


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Do It Yourself: Assemble Your Own PC – General Overview

Either for upgrading or getting a brand new one, assembly your own PC is not that difficult. You don't have to be geek or computer expert, just basic understanding and reading this series of article, you will find that it is not that difficult. It will make you proud to yourself and save a bit of money on the making. Of course, if you are computer enthusiast, probably this skill is a must have one.



Australia Day 2013: Time for change !

I will mark Australia Day 2013 with this statement "Australia is still by far the luckiest country in the world". Not to emphasize that it just happen Australia got some ridiculous amount of mineral which happen got their eager buyer who then keep the economy in positive note no, , not this time. Unfortunately, this year I need to emphasize to the sarcastic aspect of a "Lucky Country". Let's hear the whining....

Vivid Sydney 2011: A Warm Night Out In Chilled City

Winter in Sydney is just mild. No snow. Just around 15°C mid day and 7°C at mid evening and feel colder on windy day. To welcome and warm up the winter, annually, we have a festival of light and music at an event called “Vivid Sydney”. Held at the famous Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay and The Rocks, for 2 weeks every evening, Sydneysiders and visitors enjoy the different view of Opera House and the surrounding…

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Condensation, Bathroom, Electricity and Dodgy Developer: Possible Hazard

Every bathroom, by default, is a confined space. Some will have windows, but also by default it will be closed most of the time. Hence a bathroom lighting is something not really special. But wait until condensation with the help dodgy developer meet with years of unopened lamp fitting inside humid bathroom…. Just make sure your place equipped with Residual Current Device/Circuit Breaker – otherwise short circuit and/or electrocution is just a matter of time.

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Sea World, Gold Coast: Get The Most of Your Visit

Among other theme parks in Gold Coast, Sea World is one of the easiest to visit. Not only because in almost every city there is one like it, but also most of us have visited zoo before. In the main core, Sea World is a zoo for marine life, but having influence with theme park philosophy, some rides and show also being added.

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Airport Transfer Paradox: Go To Airport More Expensive Than Air Fare !

With the world of budget airlines growing, the cost to go to airport has sometimes already more expensive than the airline ticket itself. Sound funny, but it could give you a little bit frustration as little you can do about it – something that you don’t want to start with for your holiday. So better be prepare and laughing on the way to airport as sometimes hiring a stretch limousine to the airport a la celebrity is not that expensive at all !!

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Public Warning: (New?) Method of Price Gouging by (Life) Insurance Company !

Maybe not so much with car insurance where you can shop around easily every year, and not so much with health insurance where the price increase is currently controlled by government – but this is something that you need to check if you have life insurance, including trauma insurance, income protection, and the like – do not be a victim of price gouging. Judge it yourself !

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